Trestle Launches in Europe Connecting Advertisers with 65 Million Ad-Filtering Users

Following growing demand, Trestle will provide advertisers with an opportunity to connect with Acceptable Ads users across Europe

eyeo, developer of the leading ad-filtering technology that powers Adblock Plus and pioneers in building a fair value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users, launches Trestle today in Europe. Trestle will help EU advertisers connect with over 65 million users who were never available before due to ad blocking.

Following a successful Trestle launch in the United States and a growing demand, eyeo has moved onto the next step of their solutions journey. Trestle is the only advertiser solution with a 100-percent focus on serving ads that comply with the Acceptable Ads Standard, an independently established and transparent set of criteria for nonintrusive ads. Trestle will become the marketplace that will offer a sustainable and fair middle ground between user choice and monetization, benefitting European advertisers, publishers and users alike.

Acceptable Ads users are unique in that they understand the importance of advertising and have consented to see some types of advertisements through Acceptable Ads. These more than 225 million global ad-filtering users are tired of being distracted with intrusive online ads, however, they understand that advertisements are vital for the sustainability of a free internet ecosystem. Therefore, they are more ad-aware and conscious of the value exchange between advertisers, content publishers and users. 

Aditya Padhye, General Manager, Trestle at eyeo explains: “When we launched Trestle in the US in 2021, it generated a lot of attention among advertisers in the EU as well. This was because there was no other solution on the market that completely focused on helping advertisers reach Acceptable Ads users. Our vision was to initially launch in Europe later in 2022 but due to major demand from European advertisers, we decided that the launch needed to happen sooner than planned.”

The demand from European advertisers derives from the fact that certain European countries tend to have high ad-filtering rates, and there are a total of over 65 million ad-filtering users in the region. And while online users are shown numerous ads daily, they do not all respond in the same manner. In fact, users generally fall under three different types of groups based on how they respond to advertisements. 

Padhye continues: “The first type of user is the standard user. These users choose not to use an ad blocker or are unaware of ad blockers. As these users are familiar with viewing ads constantly, they tend to become blind to them and no longer take notice of ads, no matter how flashy they are. The second type is the non-addressable users, who dislike all forms of advertisement. Acceptable Ads users are the third type of users, and they exist in surprisingly large numbers. Unlike the standard and non-addressable users, these 225 million global users are generally younger, digital-first and tech-savvy, and spend more money online than your average internet user. Whilst these users are shown fewer ads, they are more likely to ‘see’ the ads they do come across and make purchases. They are therefore in high demand from advertisers.”

“As we continue through 2022, we hope to expand our market presence and continue to connect advertisers to this hard-to-reach, yet highly-valuable audience. The introduction of Trestle in Europe has allowed us to ensure that all parties, from users to publishers and advertisers, are able to work together and take part in creating a fairer, more mutually profitable internet,” concludes Padhye.

About eyeo

Putting you in control of a fair and prosperous internet  eyeo is dedicated to empowering a balanced and sustainable online value exchange for users, browsers, advertisers and publishers. By building, monetizing, and distributing ad-filtering technologies, we create solutions that allow all members of the online ecosystem to prosper. Our ad-filtering technology powers some of the largest ad blockers on the market, like Adblock Plus, Adblock and Adblock Browser, and is distributed through partnerships to millions of devices. We are constantly innovating to meet the expectations of the changing online world, with privacy solutions such as Crumbs, our white label browsers for distribution partners, and the Acceptable Ads Standard, which reaches over 225 million users. 

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