Andrea Media Launches New Intelligent Digital Advertising Formats to Increase Publisher Advertising Revenue

Paris, France – Andrea Media launches new Intelligent digital advertising formats to increase publisher advertising revenue.

Since 2007, Andrea Media has been working in the digital advertising market. Our philosophy is to offer our international publishers the best and most profitable advertising formats in the pure respect of the navigation of their Internet users. We always believe in contextual ad formats to offer the best experience advertising for internet users and advertisers.

Intelligent advertising is defined as consumer-centered, data-driven, non-intrusive, and algorithm-mediated brand communication. Our algorithm software determines the best ad placements based on the contextual content publisher.

Andrea Media will offer to our international publishers contextual In-Image formats based on the technology of partners: The In-Image ad format displays a classic or a rich banner over one of the images in the page content. Image advertising is based on contextual analysis and user behavior.

We will offer also native video formats based on header bidding technology. We sell directly international campaigns and are connected to the biggest international SSP video platforms to offer the best CPM price.

“Our objective is to provide to our publishers the smartest and qualitative formats on the advertising market. These new non-intrusive formats are the proof.
What sets us apart from programmatic platforms? We sell programmatic campaigns but also direct international campaigns to main advertisers.”

About Andrea Media
Andrea Media is an international digital monetization agency for publishers since 2007.
Our mission is to maximize ad revenue publishers by direct demand and premium programmatic.
The company founded by Laurent Heckmann has successfully expanded in Europe and works now with 300 publishers worldwide.

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Andrea Media
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