MGID Revolutionizes Image Creation for Advertisers With Integration of Generative AI

LOS ANGELES — MGID, the global advertising platform, has today announced the development and integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its existing intelligent solutions offering. Currently undergoing beta testing by MGID’s creative team to produce client ads, this functionality — set to transform the way advertisers generate and optimize images and headlines — will launch fully before the end of Q1.

Making use of Open AI’s DALL·E 2, advertisers can create computer-made digital images through text-based prompts and adjust headlines based on GEO-specific and historical data. This level of automation is both faster and less resource-intensive, and revolutionizes overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness. When paired with MGID’s smart recommendation algorithms and Contextual Intelligence, these AI technologies boost ad performance and user engagement with MGID ads.

Further standout benefits for advertisers include expanding visual toolkits beyond traditional stock images, with more impactful and unique images that elicit a 20% higher click-through rate (CTR). As a result, advertisers have more control over key details, including angle, hue, style, character, and emotion. Additionally, multiple variations of the same image facilitate quick and easy AB testing to identify what resonates with audiences best.

Sergii Denysenko, CEO at MGID, says: “It’s clear that AI will play a critical role in powering the next stage of truly optimized ad campaigns. Pairing this with our smart recommendation algorithms and existing contextual intelligence technology is the natural evolution in creating a better experience for advertisers, publishers, and audiences alike. Impressed by its capabilities in testing, we’re very much looking forward to the launch and seeing how AI is embraced by advertisers throughout the year.”

About MGID
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