Gamut and Waymark Partner to Bring Easy and Affordable CTV Ad Creation to Local Advertisers Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence

NEW YORK — Gamut, the award-winning leader in local CTV advertising, and AI video creation platform Waymark, announced a partnership to expand next-generation local advertising services on a national scale.

“We’re excited about this partnership because it opens the door for more local buyers to access the benefits of CTV advertising”

Gamut offers advertisers brand-safe, direct access to premium CTV video ad inventory and relevant audiences in every DMA. Waymark is a creative AI startup that automates video production and returns ready-to-air commercials for any local business in minutes.

Together, the two companies aim to remove barriers to local advertising through their unique combination of direct, premium local CTV inventory and cutting-edge creative AI that makes professional video ads easy, fast, and affordable to produce.

“We’re excited about this partnership because it opens the door for more local buyers to access the benefits of CTV advertising,” said Keith Kazerman, President of Gamut. “Brands can leverage customized ads to targeted streaming audiences at scale, without the heavy lift and budget of traditional video ad creation. On the other side of the equation, publishers want to provide viewers with sponsored content that feels relevant, tailored, and varied – that’s what local CTV advertising brings, and what we want to enable.”

“Together, Gamut and Waymark give content providers and advertisers everything they need to accomplish their mutual goals,” added Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark. “Gamut has access to the inventory – and then taps into Waymark to offer that additional layer of video production at scale for local and regional ad partners with our AI-powered creative tools.”

Gamut and Waymark’s partnership offers an opportunity to bring advanced, comprehensive support to local advertisers, meeting the increasing demand for localized advertising in the TV industry, particularly in CTV. This announcement introduces an innovative and powerful option for prospective SMB advertisers to seamlessly buy local CTV ads, quickly produce go-to-market-ready creative ad messages, and measure impact all in one place.

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About Gamut

Gamut, the award-winning leader in local CTV, helps brands connect with relevant streaming audiences in every DMA. Leveraging its direct access to brand-safe, premium OTT inventory, and advanced advertising tools, marketers can reach desired local audiences on a national scale with highly engaging and personalized ads. With more than 20 years of digital media experience, Gamut is committed to delivering the highest level of service and expertise to ensure maximum results for its clients and partners. Gamut aligns with industry-leading sister company, CoxReps, to provide advertisers with a holistic approach to reaching key audiences. For more information about Gamut, please visit:

About Waymark

Waymark is a creative AI company making video production faster and easier than ever before. With a radically simple natural language interface, Waymark makes it possible for anyone to produce professional quality commercials for any platform — including TV and CTV — in a matter of minutes. The company is based in Michigan and is privately held. To learn more about Waymark, visit