Dailymotion Advertising Finds Only 9% of U.S. Travelers Select Their Destination Based on the Ability to Work Remote

The Travel Personas Report 2023 provides advertisers an understanding of U.S. travelers preferences to better target audiences

New York and Paris – Dailymotion, the leading independent, worldwide video marketing platform, has today released its Travel Personas Report 2023 which identifies U.S. local travel trends that aid advertisers and marketers working with tourism boards and travel brands to better conceptualize their advertising strategy in 2023. 

Through this research, Dailymotion Advertising identified five personas, or deduplicated segments that are distinctive in nature in the travel category, and decrypted their varied perspectives to help marketers and advertisers develop precise targeting strategies. The five personas comprise:

The Rejuvenator 
– This group goes on vacation to indulge in pure relaxation and they look for the best returns on their travel investments.
– A surprising 23% of this persona is made up of 18- to 29-year-olds, which could indicate burnout from the millennial workforce as a factor.
– Preferred content includes television, music, dance, animated movies, video gaming and weight loss. 

The Seaside Sojourners
– This group goes on vacations to relax with family and they look for cost-effective and hassle-free holidays.
– Travels in this persona prefer to take long road trips (2+ hours), and 50+-year-olds dominate this persona at 47%.
– Preferred content includes television, video gaming, rock music, food, geography and sports. 

Luxury Adrenaline Seekers
– This group enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or surfing, but also want to experience comfort and luxury, like you would at an all-inclusive resort.
– Compared to the Rejuvenator and the Seaside Sojourner, 43% of this group is between 30 to 49 years old (+10 point lift).
– Preferred content includes music, amusement and theme parks, parks and nature, travel, real estate, and insurance. 

The Family Explorers
– During vacations this group likes to spend time with family, try local cuisines and prioritizes places that enable them to spend quality time together.
– 29% of 18- to 29-year-olds make up this group, the highest percentage for this age group across personas.
– Preferred content includes food and drink, sports, reality TV, theatre, travel, concert and music events. 

The Culturally Connected
– This group considers vacations as a time to enjoy good weather and relax while learning new cultures.
– This group prefers to take long car rides (2+ hours) or the train to reach their destination. 
– Preferred content includes comedy tv, world music, geography, documentary movies, politics, zoos and aquariums. 

Through these personas, Dailymotion Advertising found: 
– 47% of Americans traveling locally will choose to drive at least 2 hours to get to their destination, while 36% will opt to fly. 
– 43% of Americans are looking for some “time-out” to indulge in pure relaxation.
– 26% of younger Americans (18 to 29 age group) are interested in domestic travel in the winter. 
– Only 25% are interested in experiencing the local cuisine and nightlife.
– Only 9% cite the ability to work remote as a driver to travel to a destination.
– Only 6% cite “popularity of the destination” of a driver to travel to a destination.

“The last 12 months travelers experienced lost baggage nightmares and delayed and cancelled flights, which might be why nearly half of Americans are willing to travel 2+ hours for a vacation rather than fly. Plus, the growth in adoption of electronic vehicles may be influencing travel preferences and helping to cut travel costs. A combination of these factors is opening opportunities for local travel businesses,” said Nikhil Jain, Director, Insights and Data Solutions at Dailymotion. “In addition, Americans are separating work and vacation, with only 9% selecting destinations based on ability to work remote, and 43% looking to indulge in pure relaxation during their time off.”

Dailymotion Advertising conducted a CAWI questionnaire, on the Dailymotion platform, in the United States of America, from February 24, 2023 to March 3, 2023 with 1,333 respondents to understand their perspectives for local travel in 2023. The survey responses are weighted to have a representative sample of the USA in terms of age (18+) and gender.  The survey respondents were then crossed with Dailymotion’s first-party data to deeper understand their interests.

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