Adify Widget Share Powers Content Syndication for Publisher Networks

New Widget Platform Allows Media Owners to Distribute Content of Any Type to Spread and Elevate Brand Quality Among In-Network Publishers

SAN BRUNO, CA, March 25, 2008 – Adify, the premier technology and media company focused on vertical online advertising, today announced Adify Widget Share. The content syndication platform enables media creators to elevate the brand quality of in-network sites by securely syndicating exclusive content of any type (RSS, video, Flash games, etc.) via widgets within an editorially selected community of publishers. Through a new, highly configurable widget distribution and tracking platform, Adify Network Builders will be able to increase the quantity and quality of content viewed across sister sites, thereby visually branding their network to increase reader loyalty and engagement.

Adify Widget Share transforms online networks from simple advertising vehicles into communities with captive audiences. By providing access to exclusive content and publicizing the most recent updates across the entire network, widgets drive more traffic across all network sites. As a result, media owners can generate higher advertising rates through increased page views and traffic, and better targeting based on valuable information about their sites’ readership interests. Different from viral widgets, only publishers whose content is on-target and reviewed by the editorial team of Adify’s Network Builders can access and showcase these widgets.
“The challenge with widgets has always been simplifying distribution and reporting, tracking how readers use them, and translating the data to increase the value of your sites for advertisers. In addition to being the secure syndication platform to distribute content exclusively within an editorially selected community of sites, Adify Widget Share also measures how widget content is boosting impressions.” said Russ Fradin, CEO of Adify. “Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to engage audiences with their brand. Widgets with exclusive content can drive this engagement on high quality, premium niche sites, where Adify enables advertisers to track how publisher quality delivers engaged audiences who support the marketer’s brand.”

Adify Widget Share is a new product available on Adify’s vertical ad network platform for creating, managing and commercializing vertical advertising communities. It delivers a comprehensive, secure framework to create or drop-in widgets exclusively for distribution on Adify customer’s networks. Adify Widget Share can distribute image, HTML/Javascript, RSS, iFrames, Video and Flash widgets. The configurable reporting features show performance by widget, by site hosting the widget and by individual content feed within the widget.

“IDG TechNetwork uses Adify Widget Share to distribute unique widgets which help drive qualified traffic among the premium technology publishers in our media network,” said Kevin Normandeau, vice president, sales and business development, IDG Tech Network. “IDG TechNetwork and our publishers now have unmatched flexibility in content syndication along with visibility through easy to use, drill down reporting.”

Adify enables media owners to deliver brand advertising solutions to targeted premium niche audiences across their portfolio of editorially selected Web sites. Adify’s infrastructure delivers content sponsorships, video, image and rich media advertising as well as behavioral targeting and now widget distribution. Adify provides the key network management services required to execute successful advertising campaigns, including ad management, tracking, reporting, billing, payment and technical support functions.

About Adify

Adify is changing the rules of Web advertising by creating brand networks anchored by leading media companies and entrepreneurs where brand advertisers unlock value from hard to reach audiences. Adify’s Build Your Own Network (BYON) technology capitalizes on the increasing fragmentation of the Internet, offering marketers the reach of a branded advertising network with the quality of a premier property buy. Through a unique mix of technology, expertise and key business services, Adify customers can rapidly define, assemble, merchandize and manage highly targeted ad networks with little or no upfront cost. Entrepreneurs and global media partners such as adChakra, Comcast Corp., The Guardian, HotChalk, Houseblogs, Martha Stewart, NBC Universal, Reuters, Time Warner, The Washington Post Co. and Yardbarker use Adify’s solutions to extend their brands, increase their reach and grow their revenue. Adify was founded by the team that created Flycast Communications — the first successful direct-response online advertising solution — and is backed by blue-chip venture firms Venrock Associates and U.S. Venture Partners, as well as GE Commercial Finance, NBC Universal, Inc., and Time Warner Investments.