Tremor Media Launches Acudeo – the Next Generation Online Video Monetization Platform

New York – April 15, 2008 – Tremor Media (, the leading online video advertising network, today announced that it has launched the beta version of Acudeo, their next generation Video Monetization Platform.

Acudeo solves the complexities involved with video ad delivery and provides a solution that offers the same ease and ad server compatibility that publishers are accustomed to for their banner advertising. Acudeo allows publishers to schedule and dynamically deliver in-stream video and overlay ads from multiple ad sources through one central console, maximizing ad delivery opportunities and revenue.

Acudeo is built to allow publishers to leverage their existing ad operations and technology infrastructure with minimal operational effort. The Acudeo platform integrates with content management systems and playlists as well as multiple ad servers, giving publishers the power to implement the optimal video monetization strategy and user experience. Acudeo’s support for multiple ad formats and sources enables publishers to easily add additional sources of revenue as their needs grow, extending their own ad sales efforts through Tremor Media as well as additional ad networks and sources.

“We believe Acudeo will do for video advertising what the advent of third party ad serving did for online display advertising,” said Jesse Chenard, Chief Strategy Officer, Tremor Media. “Giving publishers the ability to deliver ads from multiple sources without swapping out multiple players is a dramatic shift in video ad serving operations.” Chenard continued, “The launch of the Acudeo Monetization Platforms allows publishers of all sizes to maximize their available streaming video inventory and fill it with various ad formats from their own sales team, Tremor Media or other ad networks. Our component based technology also enables publishers to continue using their own video publishing systems while still leveraging the power of Acudeo.”

Working with hundreds of online publishers, Tremor Media repeatedly encountered a lack of standards in online video advertising that prevented sites from maximizing their video inventory. As leaders in the video advertising industry and members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Video Committee, Tremor launched Acudeo to be the first platform that ensures compliance with the newly-released IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines. This will help publishers simplify the process, standardize their workflow and operations for efficiency and implement industry best practices for delivery and playback, measurement, ad tracking, billing and reporting.

“Tremor’s Acudeo Monetization Platform gives us the flexibility we need to maximize our in-stream ad sales efforts,” said Neal Weinberg, President, Sales and Marketing, Top TV Bytes. “Acudeo’s support for pre-roll and overlay formats allows us to monetize each stream we deliver without interrupting the user’s enjoyment of our content, and still give them the opportunity to interact with our advertisers’ messages when they choose to.” “The integration of Acudeo is a tremendous benefit to publishers using our core video streaming and YouNewsTV™ services,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO, Broadcast Interactive Media. “The platform gives us a new level of control over our ad delivery and guarantees our partners high quality video advertising revenue.”

Acudeo launch partner Dragonfly is an Internet video delivery solution provider that enables businesses to build new revenue and retention programs around picture perfect, full screen video with up to HD quality and advanced analytics. “In addition to providing our publishers with a high-definition capable player, Tremor’s Acudeo brings ROI through advertising to our publishers from day one,” said Guy Nouri, Dragonfly CEO. The Acudeo platform incorporates a number of innovative features developed specifically to help publishers maximize revenue from their video content. The Acudeo ad component provides an alternative to the full platform for publishers who want to integrate Acudeo’s monetization functionality into their existing video applications. Acudeo also features advanced ad rotation and cascading ad tag capabilities that allow publishers to define an unlimited number of failover tags. As previously announced, Tremor Media has incorporated Google’s AdSense for Video into the Acudeo platform and has recently added a number of other revenue sources for publishers.

Tremor Media’s network is comprised of over 800 top- and mid-tier publishers and content producers, and reaches more than 101 million unique users every month. Tremor Media also ranked #6 in comScore’s February VideoMetrix Ad-Focus report. For the beta launch of Acudeo, announced partners include Broadcast Interactive Media, Dragonfly, TopTVBytes, and The Enthusiast Network.