Synthrone Brings Its e-Commerce Management Solution to the UK

Content management platform, Synthrone, has announced its expansion into the UK with the addition of a London-based team, as it continues to help worldwide brands build a strong presence across e-retailers and online marketplaces.

Founded in 2016, Synthrone provides the ultimate solution for integrated brand communications and analytics in e-commerce. Its platform gives brands a competitive advantage through its automated audits, which provide full visibility of brands and their competitors’ global e-commerce presence.

Synthrone provides five key services for brands; Explorer, Crafter, Publisher, Booster and Tracker. These recognise potential gaps in the market, prepare a brand’s content for multiple e-commerce platforms and subsequently delivers this to leading online retailing platforms, all in real-time.

This end-to-end suite of tools enables brands to quickly build awareness in their sector and maintain a competitive edge through e-commerce marketing.

Krzysztof Waligorski, Business Director at Synthrone, comments on the expansion: “We recognised that businesses were having a major issue with scaling and implementing their content, with no solutions available to effectively do this. Our production and analytics tools provide instant solutions for brands, ensuring that marketers are no longer overloaded with content and data that they cannot activate.”

Since its inception, Synthrone has worked with a number of global brands in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and software industries.

“As we continue to work closely with UK clients, we are very excited to bring Synthrone to London. We look forward to further developing our end-to-end solution, helping them to build their e-commerce presence across multiple platforms,” adds Waligorski.

Issued by Jargon PR on behalf of Synthrone. For more information, contact Jim Pople or Annabel Onslow at [email protected] or 01189 739 370.

About Synthrone
Synthrone is an online platform designed for automated ecommerce presence management. Founded in 2016, its goal is to provide brands with end-to-end support on all stages of the e-commerce processes, regardless of their location on e-commerce maturity curve. With Synthrone’s flexible range of automated services, brands can easily develop a successful presence across e-retailers and marketplaces.

Synthrone offers a competitive advantage through its automated e-commerce audits, which provides full visibility of brands and their competitors’ global presence. The platform will fix recognised gaps with automated and scalable solutions for brands’ e-commerce content. All e-commerce assets are prepared fit-for-use, making them easy to implement for any e-commerce retailer.

Synthrone provides five main services:
EXPLORER: automated e-content audits.
CRAFTER: automated e-content creation and localisation.
PUBLISHER: automated e-content delivery.
BOOSTER: e-content amplification for e-retailers.
TRACKER: e-content optimisation

Synthrone is part of Brand New Galaxy (BNG), an independent platform integrating smart business solutions in the areas of marketing and technology.