Eyeblaster first to be accredited by MRC for compliance with three IAB ad measurement guidelines

New York, New York (April 15, 2008)— Eyeblaster, the global leader in integrated digital marketing solutions, has successfully completed an independent audit by the Media Rating Council (MRC) against the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines, making Eyeblaster the first to be accredited in the three major areas of online ad serving:

• Ad Campaign Measurement and Audit Guidelines

• Broadband Video Commercial Measurement Guidelines

• Rich Media Measurement Guidelines

Eyeblaster is also the first partner to demonstrate compliance for rich media ad serving, further cementing Eyeblaster’s leadership role in the digital marketing industry and commitment to bringing a new level of accountability and transparency to digital advertising metrics. Ad Campaign Manager (ACM), Eyeblaster’s collection of tools for end-to-end campaign management, integrates metrics for display, rich media and digital video commercials under industry standards for these types of impressions.

“As digital mediums start to mature, it is imperative that we have standardization of specs and metrics across an aggregate of delivery platforms in order to show clients the true value of digital mediums,” said Mike Racic, senior vice president and director of digital media for Universal McCann in New York. “Eyeblaster’s platform enables us to show the value of digital experiences as a whole – incorporating results for display, video and rich media as part of an integrated campaign.”

“Reliable metrics is an ongoing concern as the online advertising industry grows,” said Gal Trifon, co-founder and chief executive officer at Eyeblaster. “To provide the most powerful consumer experience, our clients must fully engage all the tools available. This broad IAB guideline compliance ensures client confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the data, encouraging an integrated approach to their whole campaign.”

“As a partner of Eyeblaster, we are pleased that they have taken this step so that we as an agency can increase our accountability to our clients,” said Amy Auerbach, vice president, director of phdiq east. “In this new age of ad server mergers and acquisitions, it is extremely important for us to have a reliable, independent third party ad server to ensure the integrity of our clients’ data and execute their campaigns flawlessly. Having a single serving and reporting source for all types of digital creative that is fully compliant reduces friction in an already labor intensive process.”

According to Randall Rothenberg, president and chief executive officer of the IAB, “We applaud Eyeblaster on its recent achievement, and we encourage any organization to follow its lead. This effort by Eyeblaster is a welcome step in advancing the state of the industry as we strive for the highest levels of transparency and validity.”

The IAB Rich Media Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines establish the minimum acceptable counting procedures for these types of advertising impressions and are focused specifically on the actual revenue event. Using a certified vendor helps to align the advertiser, agency, publisher and provider, maximizing budget efficiency and ensuring consistent and reliable data.