Industry Leader PointRoll to Serve Ads on the Google Content Network

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., May 19 – PointRoll, the leading provider of rich media technology solutions, announced today that the company has joined with Google to enable PointRoll’s advertisers to run rich media ad campaigns across the Google content network, one of the world’s largest advertising networks. PointRoll clients can now take advantage of the company’s full-service offering, including creative services, targeting, and extensive tracking and measurement capabilities on a significantly expanded number of websites. PointRoll currently provides its interactive capabilities and engaging brand-building formats to 65% of the Fortune 100, and now its clients can integrate the Google content network into their rich media campaigns.

“Google’s move to open up its network to PointRoll is a win for everyone involved,” said Jason Tafler, CEO, PointRoll. “PointRoll advertisers now have the option to run creative, engaging and effective rich media campaigns on the world’s largest ad network. Using PointRoll’s precise targeting technology and measurement capabilities, advertisers are able to reach their desired audience with the most relevant and salient messages, and definitively analyze campaign effectiveness. Additionally, this signals Google’s commitment to creating a truly agnostic environment that, in the end, creates the best experience for users and advertisers.”

The Google content network encompasses hundreds of thousands of websites, including premium publishers and long-tail niche sites. Google and PointRoll worked together to ensure that the ads served to the Google content network meet Google’s policies and specifications. After completing Google’s certification process, PointRoll’s sophisticated targeting technologies can now optimize the breadth of Google’s sites and categories, matching advertisers’ messages to the users who find them most relevant.

“We are thrilled that Google has decided to open up the network to PointRoll rich media,” said Darren Herman, Head of Digital Media at The Media Kitchen. “PointRoll’s ability to develop and implement new and innovative technology has allowed us to consistently deliver engaging campaigns to our clients. Measurement and analytics are consistently evolving and interaction and engagement are hot topics that we’re addressing at The Media Kitchen. PointRoll has allowed us to go beyond the click [CTR], and now we can continue to drive our clients’ messages to the Web’s largest audience.”

The Google content network joins the more than 3,000 online publishers-including elite sites such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and The New York Times-that leverage PointRoll rich media to provide powerful, engaging brand experiences to users. PointRoll’s unparalleled service ensures that its ads seamlessly integrate on the many sites with which the company works.

Companies such as Ford, Sears, Cadbury-Schweppes, Toyota, CVS and McDonald’s turn to PointRoll not only because it proactively offers best-in-class solutions that enable more engaging, effective online advertising, but also because it consistently outmatches the competition with its full-service approach and ability to solve complex problems.

About PointRoll

PointRoll, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), offers a solution to the limited performance of standard banner ads by effectively bringing a mini web site to the user without requiring a click. PointRoll’s superior rich media technology and service enable advertisers to connect with consumers by creating an interactive online environment that generates conversion. With interactive features such as streaming video, polling, instant e-mail, data collection and more, marketers can easily create and deliver ads that build brand awareness and drive sales. The result: great creative controlled by the user and improves ad effectiveness-without the negative experience associated with intrusive technologies. Additionally, PointRoll delivers comprehensive, real-time reporting that definitively illustrates return on investment. For more information, please visit