AOL Launches BrandBuilder – Ad Formats Driven by Data and Platforms

Continues to Drive Ad Innovation; Puts Consumers at the Center of the Experience

LAS VEGAS – At CES®, AOL announced the launch of BrandBuilder by AOL, an ad creative framework powered by AOL data and platforms to drive brand awareness, sales, and a cadence of innovation.

“Our customers are the heart and soul of eBay, and our number one goal is to give them the best experience”

“CES® is one of the largest technology trade shows in the world focused on consumer-facing innovation. With a large footprint of AOL brand activations, including TechCrunch, Engadget, Autoblog, Kanvas, MAKERS, HuffPost RYOT, and Moviefone, the show is the perfect venue to launch BrandBuilder, a suite of ad experiences that build our clients’ brands,” said Spencer Sloe, VP, Advertising Product & Strategy, AOL Content & Brands.

Paired with AOL data and platforms, the BrandBuilder framework supports ad experiences across display, video, and mobile that aligns with client goals and drives results. BrandBuilder consists of three subsets: Director, which drives awareness and emotional connections with consumers; Buyer, which drives conversions and brand sales; and Beta, which drives a cadence of innovative, exclusive ad experiences.

“Brands and advertisers want to innovate and deliver campaigns that create connections with consumers while still meeting goals and viewable impressions. BrandBuilder’s focus is to put the consumer at the center of the experience and support our mission of building brands people love,” said Spencer Sloe, VP, Advertising Product & Strategy, AOL Content & Brands.

At launch, AOL’s BrandBuilder Beta includes two new, exclusive ad experiences:

  • DataPerks: To incentivize consumers and address concerns over wireless data consumption, AOL partnered with its parent Verizon to offer DataPerks, a mobile-based value-exchange that rewards additional wireless plan data for various lead generation engagement; for example, downloading a coupon. DataPerks will be available in Q1 in the US for Verizon Wireless subscribers.
  • Player Up: Unlike traditional video pre-roll ads, which run between :15 – :30 seconds prior to content, Player Up is a suite of non-intrusive, consumer-friendly ad experiences that offer an alternative to pre-roll. Creative can be displayed as part of a custom :03 – :07 second experience that introduces the content (Bumper), a rich media overlay that extends beyond the introduction into the content (Watermark), or as part of the pause button (Pause). Player Up is currently available in the US, UK and CA.

As part of the BrandBuilder Beta program, brands and advertisers can partner with AOL to ideate and test new formats that drive engagement. EBay was among the first to join the program last summer and helped influence the Player Up experience.

“Our customers are the heart and soul of eBay, and our number one goal is to give them the best experience,” said Olivier Ropars, Senior Director of Global Internet Marketing at eBay. “Through AOL’s BrandBuilder Beta program, we became an architect and helped shape a truly unique experience that is less intrusive and more relevant to our consumers. As brands, we’re only as successful as our customers are happy, and programs like these are what help us continue building a brand people love.”

The launch of BrandBuilder comes on the heels of a strong year for ad innovation, including AOL’s purchase of HuffPost RYOT and the availability of 360 ad experiences, which were first launched through a partnership with American Family Insurance in September.

About AOL

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