Recap on IAB’s Mobile Leadership Forum

A recent post on the IAB site reminded me that their very first Mobile Leadership Forum is over and there are loads to be reported:

Attendance – over 300 professionals
Location – the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City
When – July 21, 2008.

– Mobile Marketing Success Stories;
– Unique Marketing Platform for Traditional Media;
– Meet the Publishers;
– Carriers and the Mobile Marketing Ecosystem: Accelerating Access;
– Fireside Chat, Research and the Future, Truth or Dare.

Topics and ideas:
– time has finally come to look closely into mobile advertising and answer the ‘now what?’ question (Randall Rothenberg);
– mobile advertising could potentially be an excellent channel because people are so attached to their mobile devices such as their cell phones, Blackberrys, PDAs (Maria Mandel);
– success comes from where it was least expected (Maria Mandel);
– the cell phone can be seen as a clickable device that connects consumers to advertising campaigns, much like a computer mouse (Gary Schwartz);
– currently, there’s more supply than demand for mobile advertising;
– still, very few ad metrics can be monitored, causing potential advertisers to be cautious;
– thanks to mobile marketing, telephone carriers can now make the transition from immovable organizations to innovative ones, leading the cultural and commercial changes (Randy Zandra).

For a more detailed report on how the day went, check out IAB’s entry here.