Pontiflex AdLeads Offers Open and Free Ad Management – A First for CPL Advertising

Open & Transparent, Pontiflex AdLeads Opens up CPL Advertising to Brand Marketers and Agencies

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Pontiflex, the first open and transparent cost per lead (CPL) market, today launched web based Pontiflex AdLeads, opening up CPL advertising to all online marketers. Through Pontiflex AdLeads, advertisers can run direct response and display advertising on a CPL pricing model and buy brand-specific marketing leads from the entire market. They pay only for qualified leads – not for clicks and impressions that might never convert – and increase returns on marketing dollars.

The end-to-end campaign planning, setup and optimization capabilities of Pontiflex AdLeads brings the power of CPL advertising to brand marketers and agencies of all sizes. In today’s tough economic climate, brand marketers have increased the emphasis on increasing ROI by engaging consumers at multiple touchpoints. Pontiflex AdLeads allows them to buy brand-specific leads and build community sites, newsletters, reward programs and member acquisition programs quickly and cost-effectively.

Pontiflex AdLeads is open and transparent. Because it is open, marketers and agencies can use it to manage all of their campaigns – including those not generated through Pontiflex – at no charge. This is especially useful for advertising agencies that can now centralize campaign management for multiple clients and accounts.

Because Pontiflex AdLeads is transparent, advertisers know where their campaigns are running. They can map leads to their sources, turn campaigns on and off with a click and increase returns even further.

Like they would for a search engine marketing campaign, marketers and agencies can log on to the Pontiflex AdLeads web interface, and automate every step of online advertising. By using Pontiflex AdLeads, online marketers can:

* Find publishers based on campaign goals
* Set up transparent CPL campaigns in less than fifteen minutes
* Create display creative and run it on a CPL pricing model
* Traffic creative to publishers and approve tests
* Optimize campaigns in real-time
* Pay only for leads from interested consumers

“By being able to pay only for qualified leads and not for clicks or impressions, a Cost-per-Lead pricing model makes complete sense for advertisers,” says Kurt Homfelt, President and CEO of Dunhill Vacations, one of the fastest growing web sites in the travel category. “Transparency is critical. Leads from Pontiflex have vastly outperformed any CPM and CPC campaigns that we have tested.”

“CPL advertising was always more cost-effective than online banner and search advertising,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO & Co-founder Pontiflex. “But banner and search campaigns offered marketers and agencies the advantage of being able to centralize campaign management, which is great, especially for marketers with limited resources. With today’s announcement marketers and agencies can run cost-effective CPL campaigns as easily as they would a search campaign.”

For a demo on Pontiflex AdLeads, please visit the The Pontiflex CPL Blog. Additionally, the company will host a free webinar training session for online marketers and interactive agencies on September 17, 2008 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar is targeted towards online marketers looking to build a pipeline of qualified, brand-specific leads for their e-newsletters, community sites, reward programs and sales teams in a cost-effective way. To register for the webinar, please visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/635930187

Pontiflex raised $2.5M in Series A funding in April 2008 from leading venture capital funds New Atlantic Ventures (www.navfund.com) and Greenhill SAVP (www.gsavp.com).

About Pontiflex

Pontiflex is the first open cost per lead (CPL) market for publishers, advertisers and technology providers. Advertisers connect to brand-conscious consumers through Pontiflex and pay only for specific customer leads, not just clicks or impressions that might never convert.

Pontiflex has redefined consumer lead generation through CPL, the fastest growing segment in online advertising. The company makes advertising accountable by eliminating the traditional guesswork inherent in CPM and CPC models to give marketers leads they can trust.