Get a Deep Insight into the Mobile Media Advertising Opportunities: The Market For Advertising

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Mobile Media Advertising Opportunities: The Market For Advertising

Personal, always on, ubiquitous and connected, mobile has the potential to become a potent advertising medium. However, some factors are slowing down the development of the market. The report provides basic metrics relevant to the take-up of mobile advertising and gives an overview of the players involved in its value chain. The report then provides a recap of recent consolidation and funding in the industry, before providing analysis and forecasts for advertising tied to four mobile content types: TV, VoD, user-generated content and games. It also examines advertising within search and communication services, and provides insight on operators’ strategies.

The report features results of the survey conducted within GroupM’s 25 international agencies on mobile advertising perception from the advertiser’s perspective. Finally, the report studies key players (including Nokia, Microsoft and Google) and the vertical integration strategies of those companies.

Key findings:

* Global mobile media advertising expected to reach €1.77bn in 2012
* With €1.5bn globally in 2012, mobile TV will capture bulk of audiovisual advertising on mobile devices
* Mobile VoD advertising expected to be worth €213m globally; China, Europe and North America provide the biggest opportunities
* Mobile games and music will be used primarily for marketing and promotional campaigns
* Survey of GroupM agencies shows creatives experimenting with multimedia capabilities of phones
* Nokia, Microsoft and Google are investing heavily in what is seen as the next big advertising medium

In this report

* Overview of the mobile advertising value chain
* Recap of recent industry consolidation and funding in mobile advertising
* Analysis and forecasts for mobile TV, VoD, video user-generated content, games and music
* Overview of mobile search and convenience services advertising
* Advertising industry perspective and the results of the survey conducted among 25 of GroupM’s international agencies
* Analysis of the acquisitions and value chains of key players, including Nokia, Google and Microsoft



Data sources

Territories covered

Forecast methodology


Overview of the mobile market and mobile content

Total mobile subscription

Mobile market penetration

Proportion of non-voice service revenues

Contract/prepay split

High speed data services (3G)

Mobile advertising today

Mobile advertising value chain

Content side

Advertising side


The handset

Audience measurement

Content and advertising: clarifying the opportunities

Trade bodies

Mobile marketing association (MMA)

Internet advertising bureau (IAB)

Mobile entertainment forum (MEF)

Open mobile alliance (OMA)

Industry consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions


Advertising and mobile content

Text content and display advertisin

Mobile TV

Broadcast TV

Unicast TV

Mobile TV advertising formats

Mobile TV advertising Forecast

Mobile video on demand

Mobile video on demand advertising forecast

Video user-generated content

UGC as a profiling tool

UGC as a marketing tool

UGC advertising forecast

Mobile gaming

Ad-funded games

Games advertising forecast

Further developments


Advertising ties to mobile music

Search and other services

Search services

Branded search

‘White-labelled’ search

Location-based services

Ad-supported voice and messaging services

Idle screen advertising

The advertiser’s perspective

GroupM’s Survey Results

Study results



Towards online-mobile integration

Content types

Service types

Key players in mobile advertising

Nokia Legacy expertise: handset manufacturing


Operating system: Symbian


Legacy expertise: online search and advertising

Operating system: Android


Legacy expertise: PC operating system and productivity software

Operating system: Windows mobile



List of tables and charts

Overview of the mobile market and mobile content

Mobile subscriptions (000s)

2007 mobile market penetration

2006 monthly ARPUs in key territories (€)

2007 contract/prepaid subscription split in key territories (per cent of total subscriptions)

2007 Proportion of 3G subscribers among mobile users (per cent of total subscriptions)

Mobile advertising value chain representation

Mobile advertising today

Industry consolidation

2007 mergers and acquisitions deals in mobile advertising

2007 funding deals in mobile advertising

Advertising and mobile content

Table of broadcast mobile TV services

Mobile TV market (million users)

Mobile TV market (€m)

Mobile TV advertising revenue forecast (€m)

Mobile TV advertising revenue (€m)

Mobile VoD forecast (€m)

Mobile VoD advertising forecast (€m)

Paid mobile video user generated content market forecast (€m)

Mobile video user generated content advertising market forecast (€m)

Mobile video user generated content advertising market forecast (€m)

Mobile games market (€m)

Mobile games advertising specialists

Mobile games advertising: dynamic and static markets (€m)

Mobile games advertising: dynamic and static markets (€m)

Mobile games advertising: regional breakdown (€m)

Mobile games advertising: regional breakdown (€m)

Search and other services

Mobile search specialists

The advertiser’s perspective

GroupM’s Survey results

Mobile advertising usage (in percent of respondents)

Mobile advertising types used in campaigns

Pricing schemes per advertising type

Mobile advertising perception

Mobile advertising advantages

Mobile advertising drawbacks

Mobile advertising content uses

Key players in mobile advertising

Nokia’s recent acquisitions

Nokia Value chain

Google’s recent acquisitions

Google value chain

Microsoft’s recent acquisitions

Microsoft value chain

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