TRAFFIQ Announces Next Generation Advertising Marketplace

Sneak Preview to be Available at Ad:Tech New York
ad:tech New York
Booth No. 926

NEW YORK – TRAFFIQ® – The Premium Advertising Marketplace announced the launch of the most advanced version yet of its online ad exchange , boasting two new extensions that will make the platform even more powerful for buying, selling, and optimizing online display media campaigns:

* A new Agency Workflow allows a single user to manage multiple clients and multiple campaigns with ease.
* Full-path conversion tracking and reporting captures not just the last ad clicked, but all brand-relevant touch points and actionable key performance metrics leading up to conversion.

For ad agencies, the new Agency Workflow will drastically simplify the client management process. An intuitive interface allows a single user to navigate freely among a hierarchy of client accounts and campaigns – and to execute all media planning and buying steps: search for ad placements, build a media plan, secure media, launch and optimize the campaign, and review comprehensive reports.

Advertisers and publishers will also benefit from full-path conversion tracking and reporting, which will quickly replace the traditional last-ad-clicked paradigm for measuring campaigns. With complete capture of the path of user engagement, advertisers and agencies will be able to measure results against each campaign’s key performance indicators, and fine-tune placement and creative strategy for maximum impact; publishers will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the role of their inventory relative to other touch points, and price accordingly.

“Bringing significant change to the business of media buying and selling required the resculpturing of the underlying architecture of the ad network model,” said Mark Kahn, chief executive officer of TRAFFIQ. “Our new extensions and the ongoing growth of our premium display marketplace are helping streamline the media buying process from campaign planning to reporting and optimization, bringing us one step closer to an end-to-end media planning and buying solution.”

“An efficient agency workflow can significantly streamline the process of managing multiple campaigns,” said Claudette Baigorria, media supervisor at Freestyle Interactive, which handles accounts for NFL, Electronic Arts, Dolby, and Burton. “Flexible media buying tools can help agencies to easily find and secure targeted, brand-safe and effective online media on behalf of clients.”

“It is important to us to be able to quickly and easily launch highly targeted advertising campaigns where Sleepy’s has a retail presence,” said Greg Longmuir, director of sales at Sleepy’s®, The Mattress Professionals. “TRAFFIQ allows us to accurately reach our target audience, while at the same time ensuring our ads are placed on a pre-approved list of sites and publishers.”

“Selecting TRAFFIQ as our premium sales partner was a natural choice,” said Chris Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of HealthCentral. “The platform’s advanced inventory sales and campaign management capabilities are a great fit for a targeted, highly involved audience like ours, and can further extend the reach of our upfront sales teams.”

Other significant upgrades to be made available in this upcoming release include:

* Media buyers can select their precise targeting balance preference, between demographics and contextual relevancy.
* Percentages for specific demographics can now be assigned to inventory, allowing publishers to more fully and accurately describe the makeup of their audiences. The richer demographics, in turn, support deeper search filtering for media buyers as they match up inventory with campaigns.
* A new question-based wizard speeds up the process of creating campaigns and listing ad placements for sale.

Live demo of the new platform to be held at ad:tech New York

For a demo of the new agency tools, conversion tracking and reporting, and other advances, stop by TRAFFIQ’s booth No. 926 at ad:tech, the New York Hilton, between Nov. 3 and 4.


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