Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Tristitials from snap2eyes in DoubleClick DFP

Although not widely used (yet), Tristitials may be something you’re bound to bump into if you spend enough time in an Ad Ops position. We’ve previously discussed what Tristitials are (in our newly launched “Ad Products” section) so I’m not going to reiterate everything here: instead, I’d recommend you review the ad product brief if this is the first time you work with Tristitials.

Below are the steps to get the Tristitial up and running on your site, using DoubleClick DART for Publishers (DFP).

1. Start by uploading 3 clear GIFs to DFP while treating each clear GIF as if it were a regular ad. These clear GIFs would represent a separate banner (or advertiser*) in the same Tristitial.

2. Export the static URL of each of these clear GIFs (also known as the standard ad request within DFP).

3. Export the click command for each clear GIF.

4. Send the following information/data to snap2eyes:
a. 3 banner images, each between 12KB to 20KB in size, depending on the dimensions of the Tristitial to be created, which banners should each ideally conform to IAB size guidelines;
b. a set of 3 click-through tag names applicable to DoubleClick or to the rich media code that is used in conjunction with DFP. For example, clickTAG1, clickTAG2, and clickTAG3;
c. 3 click commands (1 for each preloaded clear GIF) to be used as a default click-through URL;
d. 1 standard ad request for each of the preloaded clear GIFs;
e. optional 3 standard ad requests for the 3 preloaded Flash creatives to be downloaded at run-time (in case of an Enhanced Tristitial).
f. the order in which the 3 banners should appear and the order in which the standard ad request/click command pair should refer to each banner;

5. Upload the Tristitial supplied by snap2eyes in DFP .

6. Modify the Rich Media source code used to serve the particular Tristitial so that it supports 3 click-through tags (by adding the following query string to the SWF file request: ?clickTAG1=[click command 1]&clickTAG2=[click command 2]&clickTAG3=[click command 3].

Note: apply these changes to both <object> and <embed> tags in order to support both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Validate the functionality of the deployed Tristitial.

* You should not include multiple advertisers within a Tristitial unless clearly agreed to do so with the advertisers. Using Tristitials is not a way to triple your ad impressions and ad inventory.