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E! Gets “Embed” with MirriAd


NEW YORK – A deal struck today between Comcast Networks and MirriAd now means advertisers can get straight to the eyeballs of the consumer with new product and brand placement opportunities available on E!, Style, VERSUS, GOLF CHANNEL and G4. The deal takes advantage of patented technology developed by embedded advertising specialist, MirriAd, and will see product placement and promotional messages digitally inserted into existing video content as if they were included in the original production.

In an environment in which television audiences now have access to digital video recorders that allow them to ‘skip’ traditional advertising slots, Comcast Networks recognizes that new approaches are required to put advertisers in touch with consumers. MirriAd’s embedded advertising technologies and expertise deliver that new approach by exposing brands to their target audiences in an environment in which the viewer is fully engaged. An advertiser’s presence can’t be skipped, but instead of detracting from the core content, they are fully integrated to maintain an uninterrupted viewing experience.

“Successful content production and broadcast today demands fresh thinking to address a rapidly changing environment. In this new digital age, in which the viewer is increasingly in control, we need to investigate fresh ways to deliver the advertising opportunities that underpin the industry,” said Dave Cassaro, President of advertising sales at Comcast Networks. “Traditional advertising still has its place but MirriAd’s innovative embedded advertising solutions enable us to realize new revenues from brand owners, without compromising the viewing experience.”

MirriAd CEO, Mark Popkiewicz, commented, “Product placement has traditionally been implemented pre-production and that approach is complex, expensive and uncertain. Nevertheless it is an advertising model that has always had the potential to produce significant returns for brands, content owners and broadcasters. MirriAd removes the complexity, expense and uncertainty by allowing for the identification, preview and assessment of opportunities prior to the relevant brand references being inserted. It is a sophisticated approach for what is an increasingly sophisticated broadcast and advertising environment.”

About MirriAd Limited

MirriAd seamlessly embeds advertising into any video content, as if it was always there. The company’s solutions allow content owners to effectively monetize their assets and deliver a means by which brands can capitalize on the worldwide shift from the analog broadcast model to multi-platform, on-demand digital video delivery.

London based MirriAd is the first and only company that has the ability to embed advertising, words, images and interactive hyperlinks cost-effectively, in small and large volume digital content and to a high quality on any platform using its proprietary ZoneSense™ technology.

MirriAd is funded by venture capital funds including London Seed Capital, Oxford Technology Management and South East Growth Fund and by private investors led by Seraphim Capital.

For more information: www.mirriad.com

MirriAd was recently named in Library House’s MediaTech top 100 list, which lists Europe’s hottest private media technology companies, likely to have the biggest impact on the industry.

About Comcast Networks

Comcast Networks is comprised of distinct channels that appeal to the passionate viewer looking for the best in entertainment, sports, lifestyle and children’s programming. Its core networks include E!, VERSUS, GOLF CHANNEL, Style, G4, and Select On demand for Video On demand and HD programming through VERSUS / GOLF CHANNEL HD.

For more information: www.comcastnetworks.com