Mediaplex Releases Dynamic Behavioral Targeting Suite

Product Advancements Enable 1-1 Messaging, Eliminate Wasted Marketing Dollars and Improve Campaign Performance

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – ValueClick, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: VCLK) technology division, Mediaplex, today announced the release of its Dynamic Behavioral Targeting suite, which was developed to eliminate wasteful marketing spend and enable advertisers to cost-effectively achieve true one-to-one messaging. This solution enables clients to determine exactly who they want to target based on previous behavior and then deliver the most relevant message to those individuals immediately. The suite also includes dynamic optimization, dynamic rich media creative, and reporting to further improve the performance of client marketing programs.

A prominent application of dynamic behavioral targeting occurs when advertisers need to tie in available product inventory with current promotions. The synchronization between offers and available inventory allows advertisers to react immediately with the best offer to ensure opportunities aren’t wasted and maximum revenue potential is realized.

“Our clients understand the value of one-to-one messaging for developing deeper relationships and creating customer loyalty, but are increasingly challenged because these programs can be time-intensive and cost-prohibitive,” said Ann Hoey, general manager of Mediaplex. “Our dynamic behavioral targeting suite empowers clients with the tools they need to achieve tailored messaging while eliminating wasteful marketing spend.”

“Through the application of Mediaplex’s dynamic messaging technology we are able to ensure our clients that the pricing in their advertisements is always accurate and inventory they are promoting is always available,” said Irene Zalami, Account Director of Web Liquid. “The latest enhancements to dynamic messaging will go a long way toward guaranteeing a positive user experience as well as allowing us to deliver high conversion rates.”

Mediaplex’s Dynamic Behavioral Targeting Suite includes:

Dynamic Behavioral Targeting – Enables advertisers to differentiate and segment qualified customers from prospects based on their prior activity, and serve the most appropriate message using dynamic, real-time creative. This means advertisers can truly deliver the most relevant offer at the right time, in real time.

Dynamic Optimization – Allows marketers to define their own optimization criteria and then measure and evaluate the performance of the dynamic creative to automatically serve the best performing creative. This saves advertisers’ valuable impressions and effectively reduces overall waste in marketing spend.

Dynamic Rich Media Creative – In addition to taking in data from external sources and changing standard banner advertisements immediately based on those data, Mediaplex’s offering allows advertisers to serve up personalized, relevant communications inside any rich media advertisement as well.

Dynamic Reporting – Mediaplex reports provide granular insights into the performance of each individual creative offer. This level of reporting detail gives advertisers ROI metrics down to each individual offer, giving the advertiser the right level of data insights they need to make informed decisions regarding best performing creatives and offers.

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