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ValueClick Media Releases Retargeting Enhancements, White Paper


Recency, Frequency, Exclusion and Personalization Add Flexibility and Improve Performance

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – ValueClick Media, a division of ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq:VCLK), announced several enhancements to its Precision Retargeting™ product and the availability of a white paper entitled “Improving Performance with Retargeting,” which can be downloaded at www.valueclickmedia.com.

Precision Retargeting™ is a core component of ValueClick Media’s Precision BT™ suite, which launched in July of this year. Precision Retargeting™ offers the ability to anonymously re-engage specific audiences based on their prior interest or interaction with a marketer’s brand.

Compared to other providers, ValueClick Media’s behavioral targeting suite stands out, in that it offers all of the following retargeting features:

* Recency – Allows the ability to control the timeframe in which consumers are retargeted, based on how recently they were exposed to an ad or took a particular action on an advertiser’s site. For example, a hotel chain that has identified bookings drop off significantly after three days of first visiting the site can retarget only consumers who have been there within the past three days.
* Frequency – Allows the ability to retarget consumers based on the number of times they visited an advertiser’s site or interacted with a marketer’s message. For example, an electronics retailer may infer that consumers who visited the television section of its site more than five times are nearing a purchase decision and can tailor messages only to those individuals.
* Exclusion – Allows the ability to exclude a specific group from being retargeted with additional advertising. For example, a department store running a campaign for men’s clothing can avoid retargeting visitors to the women’s section of its site. Or a credit card company can exclude individuals who have already completed an application.
* Personalization – Allows the ability to dynamically customize creative messages based on a wide range of information known about each visitor. For example, visitors to an automotive site could be shown an ad containing a picture of the exact vehicle they expressed interested in. Combined with geo-targeting, the creative could also include the name and location of the nearest dealer.
* Seamless integration with third-party ad serving – Allows the ability to retarget visitors who have searched or clicked on media delivered outside of the ValueClick Media network. For example, visitors who clicked on a search link but did not purchase within two days could be retargeted by ValueClick Media.

“These features add a new dimension to retargeting that will provide sophisticated marketers with more flexibility and more ways to achieve maximum performance from their online advertising investments,” said Bill Todd, general manager of ValueClick Media. “They also represent the ongoing investment in our Precision BT suite and another example of how our use of data and technology differentiates ValueClick Media from other ad networks.”

In tandem with the announcement of its new retargeting features, ValueClick Media has published a white paper entitled “Improving Performance with Retargeting.” Available at www.valueclickmedia.com, the paper provides a comprehensive guide to the critical success factors and specific types of retargeting, supported by both aggregated data and specific examples of advertisers who have been successful using retargeting on the ValueClick Media network.

Precision Retargeting™ is one of two products available in ValueClick Media’s Precision BT™ suite and is used to present highly relevant ads to consumers who have previously demonstrated interest by visiting or taking action on a marketer’s site when they later visit any of the 13,500 sites in the ValueClick Media network. ValueClick Media’s pioneering behavioral product, Precision Profiles™, was announced in July and leverages ValueClick Media’s access to a critical mass of online behavior to provide the newest and most sophisticated form of predictive behavioral targeting available today.

About ValueClick Media

Over the past ten years, ValueClick Media has helped thousands of marketers build awareness, generate leads and drive sales. Clients benefit from access to ValueClick Media’s scalable, data-driven global network platform and access to the industry’s newest behavioral targeting technology. With access to 80 percent of the U.S. Internet audience through its display advertising, video, e-mail, lead generation and search channels, ValueClick Media partners with its clients to accomplish any brand or performance-based online advertising objective.

About ValueClick, Inc.

ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq:VCLK) is one of the world’s largest online marketing services companies, offering comprehensive and scalable solutions to deliver cost-effective customer acquisition for advertisers and robust revenue streams for publishers. ValueClick’s performance-based solutions allow customers to reach their potential through multiple online marketing channels, including affiliate and search marketing, display advertising, lead generation, ad serving and e-mail technology, and comparison shopping. ValueClick brands include Commission Junction, ValueClick Media, Mediaplex, PriceRunner and Smarter.com. For more information, visit www.valueclick.com.