Header Bidding Solution for Ad Networks by MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore Demand, a unified header bid setup, is now made available for ad networks through an API setup.

Ad networks looking into becoming header bidding compliant can now integrate their bidding through MonetizeMore Demand and get immediate access to billions of ad impressions to premium publishers. Without header bidding technology, ad networks run the risk of falling behind by more innovative ad networks that are already header bid compliant.

This is done by creating an API where MonetizeMore Demand can receive the exact bids from your ad network for each ad placement without any passbacks. This allows the highest bidder to win each ad impression while eliminating passbacks. This is why publishers are demanding header bidding and moving away from legacy ad networks that continue with the status quo.

Through MonetizeMore Demand, ad networks could participate in header bidding without the significant developer team costs. This is also an opportunity for ad networks to have access to premium publisher inventory.

Visit http://www.monetizemore.com/ad-networks-become-a-header-bid-partner/  to become header bid compliant via MonetizeMore Demand’s lean onboarding process.

MonetizeMore is an ad optimization company that promotes sustainable business practices by partnering with premium ad networks and managing premium publishers’ ad inventory without compromising content and site quality.

For more information, you may contact MonetizeMore CEO Kean Graham at kean[at]monetizemore[dot]com