TRAFFIQ Marketplace Generates Unprecedented Ad Rates

Traffiq Inventory Garners High Advertiser Demand, Generates Higher-Than Industry Average CPMs

NEW YORK – TRAFFIQ® – The Premium Advertising Marketplace announced today that fourth quarter ad rates generated through its platform were found to be significantly higher than average CPMs generated through ad networks.

New data shows that the average rate for display ad inventory sold through some ad networks and 3rd party brokers in the fourth quarter of 2008, across all categories, was $0.26 per thousand impressions (CPM), down 48 percent from the fourth quarter of 2007 (TechCrunch, January 13th, 2009). In comparison, display ad inventory sold through the TRAFFIQ Marketplace during the same period has averaged at $4.53 CPM – more than 17 times higher than the CPMs secured through many 3rd party resellers.

“These numbers validate our unique positioning as a marketplace for premium display advertising,” said Mark Kahn, TRAFFIQ’s CEO. “TRAFFIQ’s unique capabilities and complete media transparency provide an added value critical to both buyers and sellers of online media that is not available through remnant ad networks. It helps advertisers secure the best possible media for their campaigns, while maintaining premium pricing for publishers, which is now more important than ever”.

TRAFFIQ enables its publishers to micro-segment and bundle their inventory into its highest perceived value, making it completely transparent, accessible, and extremely attractive to potential buyers. It allows publishers to increase ad yield, at no risk, by replacing remnant ad networks.

Similarly, TRAFFIQ ensures advertisers find and select highly targeted inventory within brand-appropriate sites, so buyers never overpay for inventory, but instead are able to optimize their budgets.

TRAFFIQ has recently launched new Agency Workflow tools, which allow ad agencies to manage multiple clients and campaigns with ease and to execute all media planning and buying steps through one intuitive interface. It has also launched advanced tracking capabilities, featuring full-path conversion tracking and reporting that capture not just the last ad clicked, but all brand touch points and actionable key performance metrics leading to conversion.


TRAFFIQ ( is an efficient, open and value-driven marketplace, directly connecting buyers and sellers of online media through an end-to-end self-service platform. It facilitates the buying and selling of premium display media with ease and efficiency, always providing maximum return on investment. Marketplace members include the leading advertisers, ad agencies and publishers. TRAFFIQ is a member of the IAB advisory board, helping educate interactive advertisers and publishers on best practices for industry growth. TRAFFIQ is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Vienna, VA. For more information, contact us at [email protected].