Ad Ops Daily Briefs: February 10 2009

Introducing Google Earth 5.0
Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced the launch of ocean in Google Earth, a new feature that enables users of Google Earth to dive beneath the water surface, explore 3D underwater terrain and browse ocean-related content contributed by leaders in ocean science and advocacy. The new version of Google Earth also introduces Historical Imagery, a feature that enables users to virtually travel back in time through archival satellite and aerial imagery, Touring, which makes it simple to create a narrated tour in Google Earth and share it with the world and Google Mars 3D, which features hi-res imagery and terrain of the red planet.

Jack in the Box Launched Multi-Week Campaign with Super Bowl Ad
Jack in the Box®, one of the nation’s largest hamburger chains, kicked off a multi-week marketing campaign during the Super Bowl with a cliffhanger ad that left the fate of famed Jack in the Box founder, Jack, up in the air.
While the Super Bowl ad promoted the expansive menu at Jack in the Box and that guests can order anything on the menu, anytime of day or night, it culminated with Jack being seriously injured by a bus and left Jack’s fans wondering what would become of the company’s beloved icon. Within minutes of the ad airing, a special website created to provide updates and news on Jack’s condition – – crashed for a few minutes when thousands and thousands of people flooded the website.