PubMatic Launches Open, Real-time Monetization API for Ad Networks and Publishers

Ad Operations OnlinePubMatic’s API Allows Ad Networks to Instantly Access Premium Publisher Inventory Resulting in Increased Revenue for Participating Publishers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – PubMatic (, an ad revenue optimization company that works with over 5,500 online publishers, announced the official launch of its highly anticipated Application Programming Interface (API). The API will increase revenue for both ad networks and PubMatic’s publisher clients by allowing an instant and transparent connection between them for single or multiple ad campaigns on demand. The official API launch comes after a successful closed beta period with multiple ad network partners.

Benefits for Ad Networks:

* Increased Reach: Access to over 125 million unique users and thousands of websites
* Improved Targeting: Ad networks can leverage expanded targeting options including geography, frequency, user re-targeting, ad tag type, and much more
* Campaign Control: Ad networks have total control over pricing and timing for campaigns

Benefits for Publishers:

* Increased Monetization: Allowing more ad networks to instantly access publisher inventory increases publisher ad rates and sell through rates
* Increased Visibility: Dozens of new ad networks can get instant and transparent access to publisher inventory
* Better User Experience: More premium campaigns and better targeting result in users seeing higher quality and more relevant advertising
* Zero Integration: PubMatic publishers have instant access to premium campaigns and ad networks via the API, with zero integration effort

“Efficiency is absolutely key to improving monetization in the online advertising ecosystem,” said PubMatic CEO, Rajeev Goel. “Our API was designed to seamlessly connect publishers and ad networks so they can have total control of their campaigns, which results in an easy, streamlined process that is financially beneficial to both parties. This is the future of online advertising.”

About PubMatic:

PubMatic is an Ad Revenue Optimization service. PubMatic provides more than 5,500 web publishers real-time ad optimization, which significantly increases revenue while simplifying ad network management. PubMatic works with hundreds of ad networks and has created thousands of new publisher/ad network relationships. PubMatic is venture backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nexus India Capital, and Helion Ventures. Find out more at