AdParlor Expands Virtual Currency Monetization Platform to Target Social Media Application Developers

Over 30 Top Facebook Applications Already Utilizing AdParlor’s Platform to Monetize Virtual Currency Including Kickmania, Pull Tabs, Yes or No, Egg Breaker, and Premier Football

TORONTO – AdParlor, a social media agency, announced the expansion of its virtual currency monetization platform that now reaches the six leading social networking sites. The expanded platform provides social media application developers with the capability to offer users fast and easy ways to earn virtual currency within their applications.

AdParlor’s virtual currency monetization platform is already being used in more than thirty Facebook applications including Kickmania, Pull Tabs, Yes or No, Slots, Bingo, Egg Breaker, and Premier Football. As AdParlor expands into other social networks, select application developers on sites such as MySpace and Bebo have already begun integrating with the platform and are generating revenue.

“Implementing AdParlor’s virtual currency platform took only a few minutes and has allowed us to effectively monetize our virtual currency, creating a significant new revenue stream for Kickmania,” said Markus Weichselbaum CEO, TheBroth, Inc. Kickmania is a Facebook game with over 1 million active subscribers. It allows users to kick anyone’s butt and watch them fly into a wall of bricks.

AdParlor’s turn-key solution makes it extremely easy to get started and in less than thirty minutes, developers can begin monetizing their virtual currency. AdParlor’s offer wall takes up minimal real estate on a developer’s page and is populated with carefully selected international ‘EZ’ offers such as short surveys and suggested application installs. The platform has already helped drive over 250,000 Facebook application installs. As part of the virtual currency solution, AdParlor fully manages and continuously optimizes the offers maximizing revenues for the application developer.

“In addition to our extensive banner advertising network, our virtual currency platform now offers application developers another great opportunity to monetize their applications,” said Kristaps Ronka, CTO, AdParlor. “AdParlor is committed to continuously updating our platform and building new offerings with even more features and functionality.”

For more information on how application developers can take advantage of AdParlor’s virtual currency monetization platform, visit: See AdParlor’s virtual currency offer wall in action at: (Facebook account required).

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