Oridian Clarifies Its Position in the Vizi – Oridian Bad Ads Issue

You may still remember our earlier post about the “bad ads” issue between Vizi and Oridian, where Vizi announced their publishers that they may consider taking legal actions against Oridian for having pushed adult ads into their network, via Right Media.

While Vizi has not updated their publishers after their previous email stating they have contacted Oridian and demanded an explanation, Oridian wanted to clarify their take in the whole story and sent us yesterday the following bit – which, in the interest of all publishers that may have been affected, we’re more than happy to publish.

“Some of you may be aware of the recent situation which took place between Oridian and Vizi. In it, Vizi said they found a creative containing a virus, and that this creative also contained adult content. At this point, Vizi contacted Right Media, complaining about the creative. Right Media was unable to locate the creative, but found that it was associated with Oridian. They suggested that Vizi contact Right Media again, if they came across the creative.

First, we would like to clarify that this case did not in any way involve adult content, nor has there been any backing of the assertion that it contained a virus. Second, we want to emphasize the fact that we were never contacted by Vizi in regards to this creative. We learned of the event after reading the online posting by Vizi in their own forum, accusing Oridian of distributing bad creatives.

As in our earlier reply to Ad Operations Online, we re-emphasize the fact that the ad in question was one that had been mis-defined by the broker, running on more than a dozen networks before being pulled.

Vizi later issued an apology to Oridian within its forum.

At Ybrant/Oridian, we pride ourselves on ethical business practice. Problematic creatives, when they occur, are removed as soon as they are brought to our attention.

As one of the leading ad networks worldwide, we are very concerned about these instances, which are becoming increasingly widespread among the industry. This includes both the running of ads which should not appear on the networks, and the inclusion of networks which are not appropriate.

Today, within ad-serving systems, most quality assurance checks are performed manually – in other words, there is no fool-proof quality assurance procedure in place. The general trend within the industry is to create tools which attempt to provide some sort of assurance that ‘bad’ creatives won’t get through, but this basically leaves each network looking out for itself.

So, what is an advertiser/media owner to do? The best thing is to keep a good line of communication open with the network you use, in order to nip these instances in the bud. At Ybrant/Oridian, we are working on developing and improving tools in the attempt to streamline and improve the quality assurance process. And in cases such as Vizi, we have an open line of communication in place with all our partners on the exchange – we believe cooperation is the key to finding a solution to these issues.

Among those who have worked with us, we believe our reputation more than speaks for itself. Our goal, as always, is to continue providing our business partners with the best quality products and service.

Ybrant Digital / Oridian”

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