Strategy Analytics: Mobile Advertising Coming to US Consumers

Concerns Raised Over Hidden Charges

BOSTON – The Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab report, “US Consumers Willing to Accept Mobile Advertising Despite Concerns Over Hidden Charges,” looks at willingness to accept mobile advertising, and questions what consumers want in return, identifying preferred modes of delivery.

Strategy Analytics found that the majority of mobile users would accept some form of mobile advertising as long as:

* no hidden charges are associated with participation,
* they receive something in return, and
* the level of intrusion is limited.

“Mobile barcodes and mobile coupons were the most preferred advertising models,” commented Paul Brown, Senior Analyst in Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice. “These methods were most appealing as they give the user direct choice over when and where they receive advertising.”

Kevin Nolan, Vice President at Strategy Analytics added, “On the whole, users associate mobile advertising with junk email. Therefore, if providers give advance, exclusive information, as well as other incentives, mobile users would accept mobile advertising.”

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