Specific Media Delivers Added Value to Advertisers with Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports

Ad Operations OnlineIRVINE, Calif. – Specific Media, the world’s largest independent media platform, announced it has bolstered its industry-leading suite of Audience Intelligence Reporting tools with the availability of Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports™, a value-added offering that enables its clients to measure the brand impact of their campaigns.

Leveraging data from Nielsen’s new NetEffects product, Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports enable advertisers to measure the impact of their campaigns among consumers across key attributes such as brand awareness, brand opinion, key messages, and the likeliness of online audiences to recommend a brand to others. Specific Media is able to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness and share key insights with its advertisers within weeks of the campaign’s launch.

“Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports provide advertisers with a clear picture of their target audiences’ response to an ad campaign, including their ability to recall the ad, develop an opinion, and take action such as searching for more information, or recommending the brand to others,” said Daryl McNutt, vice president of client services, Specific Media. “By providing advertisers with actionable data and insights into brand perception, message decay rates and optimal impression frequencies, Specific Media helps its customers interpret their brand story, while enabling them to make adjustments and plan future campaigns more effectively.”

By applying the same principles it uses to research TV viewership, Nielsen collects data from panelists that have been exposed to the advertiser’s campaign, as well as from a control group. Nielsen panelists receive a customized survey within hours or days of a Specific Media campaign launch to track the number of ad exposures and ensure a representative control group.

Once the survey results are obtained, Specific Media experts analyze the responses and make the data actionable through a comprehensive report. Advertisers are then able to gauge whether their campaign aided product awareness, and if more consumers were favorable to the brand following the campaign. Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports also illustrate whether the campaign impacted site visitation, whether exposed consumers purchased or plan to purchase the product and whether the audience is more likely to try, continually use or recommend the product.

McNutt notes that Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports have been particularly useful to customers in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, based in part on the broad number of consumer segments within the sector, and due to the use of diverse messaging to support a variety of brand and product categories.

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