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Search Laboratory CEO Invited to Address New York Search Marketing Conference


Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

LEEDS, England – A leading search marketing expert has been invited to speak at one of the United States’ foremost technology events on the subject of business-to-business (B2B) search marketing.

Ian Harris, CEO of Leeds-based Search Laboratory Ltd, will speak at New York’s Search Engine Strategies conference which will run from 23-27 March 2009.

He will tell delegates at the event that B2B companies spend too much time thinking of new ways to describe what they do in terms that prospective customers simply don’t understand.

Ian Harris, whose company specialises in pay per click management for global organisations, has worked successfully with organisations including: Novell, Epicor and LifeSize, developing and implementing multilingual search engine optimisation and PPC campaigns.

His speech to delegates at Search Engine Strategies will focus on effective business-to-business search marketing campaigns.

“Most B2B companies seem to think it’s necessary to find complicated ways to describe what they do,” he will tell conference delegates. “It may sound good to describe yourself as a Media Awareness company but if your potential customers are searching for ‘PR’ then that’s how you need to be positioned on the Internet.”

“There are specific issues facing B2B operations, especially in the current economy: customers may take a long time to purchase, and there is a strong need to establish your credibility quickly if you’re to grab their attention,” he says.

The practical advice that he will offer US companies aiming to improve their search campaigns includes developing good landing pages and building in a mechanism to qualify conversions, such as a downloadable white paper or information sheet.