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Advanced Mobile Services Attract “Media Techies” and Others

BOSTON – Defying the conventional wisdom that consumers in emerging markets simply want “no-frills” devices and services, Strategy Analytics has identified sizable numbers of users who want advanced products – and are willing to pay for them. A new report from the Emerging Markets Communications Strategies (EMCS) program, “Emerging Markets Consumer Segmentation,” is based on groundbreaking analysis of mobile phone users in eight Asian and African countries.

The “Selective Connectors,” segment for example, makes up 19% of the population and spent an average of $191 for their mobile phones, which they want to use to access the Internet, watch TV and videos and check their email.

“Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson could realistically challenge Nokia in this segment,” notes David Kerr, Vice President of the Strategy Analytics Global Wireless Practice. “Well-designed, mid- to high-end smartphones could be very well received.”

Tom Elliott, Director of EMCS and the report’s author cautions, “They’re not afraid to spend money. However, the ‘Selective Connectors’ purchase items because they need them, and are not buying the next glittering new thing because it’s new.”

The four other segments identified in this research have their own unique communications needs and usage profiles, and represent real opportunities for carefully targeted offerings from operators, MVNOs, and device OEMs.

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