Site Representation Firm NaturalPath Media Signs Up for Lotame’s Stadium

Lotame’s Proven Ad Targeting, Delivery and Campaign Measurement Platform Provides Improved Audience Segmentation across Publishers

NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO – Lotame, a provider of data-driven techniques to improve the targeting, delivery and performance of online advertising, announced NaturalPath Media is now using Stadium, a platform enabling the creation of custom audiences for targeted online ad campaigns using anonymous social data. Stadium leverages Lotame’s groundbreaking Crowd Control targeting technology to give partners direct access to a wide range of tools for delivering, measuring and analyzing online ad campaigns.

Stadium is the first ad delivery platform, powered by social data, to be made openly available for use by any company looking to improve the precision and performance of online ads. Stadium is now available in versions designed for advertising agencies, publishers and networks.

“By taking proven targeting principles of audience development and applying them to what we can learn from social activity, online media networks can rise above the crowd and combine their extensive reach with pinpoint targeting and make their networks even more compelling to advertisers,” said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame.

Successful site representation firms like NaturalPath Media have combined sizable reach with well defined, highly desirable audience segmentation. Lotame’s Stadium offers networks the ability to directly connect advertisers to the audience on a “brand-to-person” basis rather than based on the overall audience composition.

“Our network has become the most effective means to reach audiences that care about sustainable and healthy living, and while we have concentrations of specific audiences driven by the individual voices of our publishers, there are opportunities for us to target beyond context to reach readers wherever they are in our network,” said David Phillips, CEO of NaturalPath Media. “For example, we may not be reaching the green mom who is reading about solar options for her home on one of our Eco-Tech sites. Stadium allows us to connect brands with audiences based on who they are rather than where they go online. It offers us a means to go beyond content and context, enabling ‘audience-based’ marketing.”

As social functionality and community behavior becomes more popular and more pervasive across the Web, anonymous information about user attributes and interests, stated and demonstrated through social behavior, becomes a valuable resource for improving campaign delivery and performance. For the last two years, Lotame has developed and refined its platform to collect, organize, analyze and use this information responsibly to eliminate waste from ad campaigns.

During the last two years, Lotame has served ads for campaigns supporting more than 100 brands, including leaders in consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial services and telecommunications.

About Lotame

Since 2007, Lotame has improved the delivery and performance of online advertising through its unique data driven ad targeting platform. Lotame’s patented Crowd Control technology collects, organizes, and employs a rich array of anonymous data sources, including powerful new categories of social data reflecting consumer interests and behaviors within social networks. Crowd Control allows marketers and publishers to define and communicate with target users, forgoing dated targeting techniques based solely on page content. Lotame’s Ad Co-Op, a total solution for brand advertisers, addresses custom-designed consumer audiences. Lotame experts design audiences for Marketers using Crowd Control, manage ad delivery, and measure campaign effectiveness based on advanced tools that take advantage of vast amounts of data from a wide variety of sources. Lotame’s Stadium platform comes in three versions specially designed for agencies, publishers and ad networks, providing direct access to Crowd Control. Stadium enables companies to apply a wide variety of data to advertising decisions including anonymous user data, publisher statistics and third party data sources. Lotame is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). Please visit

About NaturalPath Media

With over 190 publishers and a combined unduplicated reach of over 12.4 million monthly unique visitors (comScore, potential reach), NaturalPath Media is the largest online media network for the sustainable, healthy and conscious living verticals. NaturalPath Media connects publishers, advertisers and audiences by selling customized brand advertising programs to companies that seek to engage highly influential green and healthy living consumers. NaturalPath Media’s content network is segmented into 9 primary channels, including Sustainability, Eco-Tech, Health & Wellness, Travel & Outdoors, Moms & Family, Home & Garden, Lifestyle, Eating Well and Business, representing premium publishers such as,,,, Matador Network,, and For more information about NaturalPath Media, please visit