FatTail Introduces PageGage RAFT to Help Online Publishers Make More Money

Automated Search Engine Marketing Service Delivers Reach and Frequency to Advertisers

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – Online publishers now have a way to make more money from display advertising by eliminating the under delivery of site traffic. FatTail announced PageGage RAFT (Reach And Frequency Tool), which enables online publishers to ensure ad delivery and fulfill advertisers’ campaign goals. PageGage RAFT is an automated service that combines ad contract data and website content to create precise, profitable traffic acquisition strategies. The first version of PageGage RAFT, available immediately, helps publishers by automatically buying search traffic cost effectively and directing that traffic to the pages that need it the most. PageGage RAFT is already being used by several online publishers that are generating proven results.

“Even in slow ad markets, there is oversold ad inventory and advertisers are frustrated that they can’t achieve their reach and frequency goals because online publishers’ most popular pages are oversold,” said Steve Pelletier, FatTail’s CEO. “With PageGage RAFT, publishers can fully deliver on contracts, meet their revenue targets, and make advertisers happy because they don’t have to deal with make goods or short spends.”

PageGage RAFT provides publishers with an easy-to-read dashboard that includes daily page-by-page and site performance indicators along with the traffic requirements necessary to fulfill current ad contracts. The service automatically creates a list of keywords from existing website content and acquires traffic from search engines and other methods at prices that deliver profits to publishers. PageGage RAFT leverages information research words, which are less expensive to purchase than ecommerce words, to ensure that publishers can get the traffic they need at prices they can afford.

“Now, more than ever, marketing budgets are being scrutinized and every dollar spent is questioned,” said Ryan Whittington, vice president and general manager of bizjournals. “PageGage RAFT helps us determine how much we should spend on search traffic and where we need it. The end result is that we can eliminate under deliveries, maximize our marketing expenditures and ensure we meet our revenue goals.”

For more information on PageGage RAFT, visit www.FatTail.com.

About FatTail

FatTail, www.FatTail.com, makes it easy for online publishers to price, plan and sell premium guaranteed inventory. With FatTail’s sales optimization software, publishers can maximize revenue and save time and resources by automating proposal building, inventory and availability forecasting, search engine marketing and other processes. FatTail helps publishers process more transactions faster, get from quote to cash more quickly, and dramatically reduce their reliance on ad networks. Founded in 2001, the company’s AdBook and PageGage online sales and operations optimization software are used by more than 500 of the world’s leading websites. FatTail investors include Fuse Capital, Ted Meisel and others.