go2 Media Launches Dynamic Content Marketing

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Campaign Rolled Out June 22

BOSTON – go2 Media™ (www.go2.com), a mobile media company that delivers personalized local information and entertainment content, announced a new mobile advertising product called Dynamic Content Marketing, which is being launched initially for the movie industry and will soon be available for other industries. go2 is rolling out a Dynamic Content Marketing campaign for the Dreamworks Pictures and Paramount Pictures film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on June 22.

The go2 Dynamic Content Marketing product engages users and provides them with information that relates directly to the use of the product or brand. For example, the multi-faceted Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen mobile campaign features a look and feel for the go2 Movies home page that resembles the Transformers branding and allows users to take advantage of the new One Click Showtime Finder that helps users locate the nearest screening of the Transformers film. Users can also use it to read reviews, watch a trailer, or browse other movie related content from go2 Movies.

This new movie marketing product includes a suite of tools that go2 created by using the go2 editorial network and a unique publishing platform. For the Transformers promotion, go2 created an interactive quiz and wove other Transformers-related content through the go2 site. go2 users will discover image galleries of the movie’s stars in the go2 Celebrity News section, a Transformers soundtrack review in the go2 Music portal, and alerts about Transformers’ stars appearing on TV shows on the go2 Daily Hot List. For the convenience of the user, go2 assembles the movie related content on a special micro site with all the Transformers content in one place.

“Truly effective mobile ad campaigns go well beyond simple banner and landing page implementations,” said Dan Smith, President of go2 Media. “go2’s publishing technology and our editorial network allows us to create much more comprehensive user engagements. Our Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen campaign is a great example of integrating go2 content and services with creative marketing to deliver an experience that is valuable to both the advertiser and our users. These content rich experiences will become standard practice as mobile marketing matures.”

To gain maximum exposure for the go2 Dynamic Content Marketing campaign, Paramount Pictures opted to buy ads throughout the go2 site for three days leading up to the film’s release. The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen campaign ran on go2 from Monday June 22, through Wednesday June 24 and reached millions of mobile consumers for the new film.

The go2 site is available for free to users of any mobile device and can be found at http://m.go2.com.

About go2 Media

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