Video Advertising Innovator EyeWonder Supports Launch of Microsoft Silverlight 3

Ad Operations OnlineAs a driver of in-stream video advertising adoption, EyeWonder works with Silverlight to provide engaging user experiences that allow publishers to monetize their content and create new ad space

ATLANTA — EyeWonder Inc., an innovator in interactive digital advertising technologies and services, announced its support of the launch of Microsoft Silverlight 3.

“Last fall EyeWonder delivered the first in-stream advertising solution via Silverlight for New York Magazine,” said CIO Ricky McClellen. “A pioneer and innovator in the video advertising space, EyeWonder is focused on providing increased monetization opportunities for publishers, and with partners like Silverlight, we’re able to create unique online ad experiences that engage users, which in turn drives measurable results for advertisers and brings more traffic to publishing sites.”

With online media now mainstream, consumers—and in turn publishers—have high expectations for quality. As part of the launch of Silverlight 3, Microsoft provides high-quality yet cost-effective online video experiences through Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) Smooth Streaming technology.

“Silverlight aims to increase user engagement by creating more opportunities to reach audiences with compelling advertising content,” said Steve Sklepowich, group product manager for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “IIS7 Smooth Streaming delivered by Silverlight creates engagement times on par with traditional broadcast channels, allowing marketers to bring their online campaigns to the next level of success. When Microsoft combines its technologies with partners like EyeWonder, it is able to provide highly innovative, interactive user experiences.”

EyeWonder-powered campaigns utilizing Silverlight technology enable agencies and advertisers to create, launch, measure and quickly respond to online advertising campaigns through powerful controls and fully integrated tools to build campaigns with superior user engagement, discoverability and analytics-driven accountability.

EyeWonder’s Universal In-Stream Framework (UIF) supports interactive in-stream ads within any Silverlight-based video player. UIF is an open standard platform that enables a “create once, play anywhere” ad solution to drive scale within the in-stream advertising industry and allows for complete interactivity within any in-stream ad format. UIF fully supports the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and Video Player-Ad Interface Definitions (VPAID) Guidelines, giving publishers that adopt the technology the ability to immediately be in full compliance with these standards.

EyeWonder offers a variety of ad features and formats through Silverlight, including linear pre-rolls, post-rolls and interstitials as well as non-linear tickers, bugs and transparent overlays.

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