Tremor Video Now Serving Nearly All In-Stream Ads Within Larger Player Environments

  • 98.3% of Video Ads Ran in Players 400 Pixels or Larger
  • Working Closely With Premium and Exclusive Publishers to Increase Video Player Sizes

NEW YORK – Tremor Video, the largest independent online video technology company, today announced that it is the first media network to serve nearly all of its in-stream video ads in large player environments. Tremor Video served 98.3 percent of its ads in players 400 pixels or larger in the month of June, providing advertisers with an experience that has proven more likely to drive consumer engagement.

Tremor Video has found a direct relationship between video player size and ad performance like engagement and completion rates. Proprietary analytics data showed that when viewers watched a video within a larger sized online player, they were far more likely to interact with the ad. Engagement rates nearly doubled when ads were served within a 400-pixel player, and they continued to climb for video ads served in even larger players.

Viewer habits also began to resemble traditional TV watching behavior as player size expanded. Viewers were relaxed and are far more likely to sit through an ad before watching their selected content, as demonstrated by the rising completion rates Tremor Video saw across its network. Approximately 62 percent of all viewers watched an ad through to completion when it appeared in a 400 to 500-pixel environment. Completion rate jumped up to nearly 75 percent when the ad appeared in a player between 500 and 700 pixels.

“Online video is an excellent way to support a traditional TV buy, especially when viewers are treating online video the same way they do TV programming,” said Ron Amram, Senior Media Director at Heineken USA. “They are turning to online video during primetime, and they’re doing so on devices with high-definition screens that offer TV-like viewing experiences. We want to be on those screens in larger video environments.”

By prioritizing video environments 400 pixels or larger, Tremor Video is also ensuring its brand advertising partners that their ads only appear within actual video streams, and are never served within 300 by 250 pixel display ads, which are sometimes incorrectly counted as pre-roll units.

Tremor Video’s proprietary technology helps optimize ad delivery toward brand performance and provides full transparency into what factors are driving that performance, Because larger sized players drive better engagement and completion rates, the technology will target these environments for ad delivery. Tremor Video’s analytics platform also provides advertisers with a detailed breakdown of player size as it relates to performance, and whether — and where on the page — their ads were actually viewed.

In light of these new findings, Tremor Video is counseling its premium and exclusive publisher partners to consider increasing their player sizes, to drive greater ad performance for all their advertisers.

About Tremor Video

Tremor Video ( provides in-stream video advertising solutions to Fortune 1000 brand advertisers and top tier publishers. Widely regarded as the leader in online video advertising technology, the company leverages its award-winning decisioning engine, innovative video ad formats and publisher technology to deliver the campaign results and scale advertisers should expect from digital video. Tremor Video is the only video ad platform that can provide 100% brand safety by scanning and categorizing every single video stream before an ad is ever served. In addition, Tremor Video’s award-winning VideoHub Server technology gets smarter at finding and engaging viewers with every ad served, enabling the company to welcome and encourage pay-per-engagement pricing. Founded in 2005, Tremor Video is backed by top-tier investors, including Canaan Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth, General Catalyst, Keating Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Time Warner Investments, and W Capital Partners.

VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video, is a first of its kind analytics console that helps marketers and agencies monitor the complex video ecosystem to dynamically match ads with content and viewers, deliver upon marketing goals, and maximize brand impact. Unlike traditional video management platforms, VideoHub focuses on effectiveness and delivers real-time analytics for deep transparency across ads, content, viewers, and performance. To learn more, visit

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