Cables Media Group Announces the Availability of Its Customizable Mobile Marketing Platform for the iPhone

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Cables Media Group (CMG), a Fort Lauderdale-based mobile marketing company announced the availability of its patent-pending iPhone® application, which enables retailers to advertise their brand to the more than 45 million iPhone and iPod Touch users. Available for any industry, any retailer can rapidly have its own individual iPhone application customized to their specifications. The company brand logo will be featured as its own application icon on the iPhone and will be available to consumers as a free download at the iTunes App Store. All aspects including application customization, deployment and the ongoing delivery of offers are fully managed by CMG, an Apple-Certified iPhone Developer.

Currently, CMG is working with Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and advertising agencies since this mobile marketing platform can easily be adapted for a variety of industries.

Utilizing CMG’s mobile marketing and advertising platform, retailers can now send advertising impressions along with instant notification of new menu items, products, discount offers, and promotions at any time throughout the day. Each time an offer is viewed, a splash page is displayed that delivers any impression the retailer wants their consumers to view.

Using ‘push’ technology, notifications are delivered to the consumer in the same manner as a text message, instantly alerting the iPhone user that a new offer is available. The iPhone’s Location Services will direct users to the closest retail location. Each offer’s expiration date and time is also displayed, creating a sense of urgency. Once expired or redeemed, offers will no longer appear on the iPhone obviating the need for the user to actively mange the offer list.

The application, developed under the name “In UR Face”, will only be available to consumers under each individual QSR’s brand name.

To view demo:

“Consumers keep their iPhones with them at all times,” said Jon Krutchik, president of CMG. “Because of the constant advertising opportunity afforded by our platform, and the way it enables the brand to be viewed by the consumer on a perpetual basis, internally we named the application ’In UR Face’. Mobile marketing represents the most direct way to reach consumers. Our application can ensure that the message will be received and viewed by the intended target audience.”

“This is a totally opt-in, personalized application for any QSR or retail chain,” said Jennifer Cohen, vice president of marketing. “For the retailer, In UR Face is a fully customized and rapidly deployed mobile marketing platform, but to their consumers, this is an iPhone application that delivers valuable offers. That’s why consumers will want this.”

Cables Media Group drives shareholder value by:

* Reaching the 18-54 age demographic since this matches the largest iPhone demographic (85%)
* Offering significant cost-savings versus traditional advertising mediums
* Guaranteeing results and providing valuable near real-time analytics
* Increasing brand-awareness, brand loyalty, and frequency of visits
* Creating an on-going communication vehicle between the retailer and the consumer
* Allowing for a cutting edge customer acquisition tool
* Integrating with current marketing campaigns

The iPhone is a disruptive technology that has forever changed the interaction between the consumer and their mobile device. With more than 1.5 billion iPhone apps downloaded to date, retailers may acquire new customers simply by having a presence on the iPhone.

About Cables Media Group:

Cables Media Group is a full service mobile marketing firm that creates customized mobile marketing campaigns for the iPhone. CMG provides “SaaS” (Software as a Service) that empowers its clients with mobile marketing applications specifically designed to drive shareholder value.