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Smaato releases the first Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics


Quattro Wireless & Millennial Media are Top Performers with 83% Fillrate; iPhone performs two times better than Android handset CTR

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – Smaato Inc. (http://metrics.smaato.com) published the Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics. The Smaato Metrics reveal for the first time a Click Through Rate (CTR) Index by handset operating system. In addition, the Smaato Metrics show a comparison of mobile ad network fill rates worldwide and for the USA. These metrics are based upon 3 Billion ad requests served in the Smaato Network in December 2009.

Quattro Wireless (recently acquired by Apple) and Millennial Media are the top performing mobile ad networks in the USA according to the Smaato Metrics. Both ad networks performed equally with 83% fill rates for mobile publishers in the Smaato Network.

“The Smaato Metrics provide key findings for the mobile advertising market: The performance of iPhone and iPod touch over the Android platform handsets is twice as good in regards to response rates (CTR). In regards to CTR, Symbian phones perform best and show twice as good performance over Feature Phones.” Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato said.

“For mobile ad network performance, the Smaato Metrics show that the average worldwide fill rate is only 35%, which means that mobile publishers need multiple ad networks to monetize their inventory. Quattro Wireless and Millennial Media were the top performing ad networks in the US with a fill rate of 83% after optimization by Smaato – this demonstrated a very strong holiday season 2009 in Mobile Advertising,” Ragnar continued.

Smaato released today also a new whitepaper for mobile publishers as a backgrounder on the current mobile advertising market and choices for publishers to maximize their mobile ROI. The whitepaper can be downloaded at www.smaato.com/whitepaper and portraits international trends & findings for mobile ad monetization.

The metrics are provided at: http://metrics.smaato.com


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