Mpower Media Empowers Small Businesses – New Rate Finder Puts Control of Their Advertising Rates Back Into Their Hands

TULSA, Okla. – For over a decade Mpower Media has been the small business’s answer to an advertising field swarming with corporate giants, empowering them with the tools and resources they need to get ahead in the local market. Their newest development, a one of a kind rate identification tool that takes the hassle out of building a well rounded advertising campaign, helps put the power of success right back where it belongs – in the hands of their clientele.

Mpower Media developers have established the first centralized tool to allow company advertising executives to compare rates for nationwide and cable television in one easy step.

“In the past if a client wanted to check out rates on, say, ESPN in Dallas, they would have to call and get rates themselves. Now we have them all,” says Mpower spokesperson Joe Mershon. “It’s both odd and surprising this has never happened before, and we are the first and only.”

The Mpower Media development team says they plan to add radio, billboard and online advertising rates to this database in the very near future, making it easy for small businesses to plan a complete campaign that remains well within their marketing budget.

Since its inception Mpower Media has been the voice of the little man. The advertising giant has dedicated itself to helping small businesses compete in a global market overrun with corporate giants by putting the power of affordable advertising into their hands.

Television production rates start at $500, well below that charged by most national advertising agencies, and provide Mpower Media clients with access to the company’s extensive resources – a list that includes not only a team of some of the country’s finest young marketing professionals but also a database of over 5,000 clips, quips and images.

“Mpower Media boasts an award-winning production division that can take any concept directly to reality,” says Mershon. “Whether we are bringing your vision to audio or three-dimensional and/or two-dimensional video life, our team of graphic designers, copywriters, directors and talent will present the national high quality look and feel that speaks to any demographic.”

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