Turn Launches Real-Time Bidding Across Major Inventory Platforms, Sees Dramatic Initial Results

Ad Operations OnlineFull Integration with AdMeld and PubMatic Real-Time Bidding Programs Drives Significantly Improved Performance for Brand and Performance Marketers

Redwood City, Calif., — Turn Inc., the smart platform for digital advertising, today announced that the company is fully integrated with the Real-Time Bidding capabilities of leading inventory platforms AdMeld and PubMatic.

The integration expands Turn’s ability to perform targeting and bid price optimization in real-time, which dramatically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of display advertising campaigns. It also brings a large amount of verifiable, “brand-safe” inventory under Turn’s purview, so that brand marketers can leverage Turn’s technology to bid with confidence on high quality ad inventory across these platforms.

“The launch of Real-Time Bidding by companies like AdMeld and PubMatic is transformational for the entire digital advertising ecosystem.  Media buyers and publishers alike will benefit tremendously from a highly efficient market where the most valuable advertising can be placed in front of the most valuable users – all at the right time and at the right value,” said Bill Demas, President and CEO of Turn.

Turn’s targeting technology analyzes thousands of demographic, behavioral and website content variables and adapts to changes it sees in publisher inventory and campaign performance patterns within milliseconds, enabling Turn to leverage all of its data assets and predictive algorithms in real-time for each impression. This dramatically improves reach for custom audience targeting, enables universal frequency capping across each of the Real-Time Bidding inventory platforms, and empowers the predictive algorithms to optimize the price for each impression.

Initial results from campaigns run over the past seventeen days on AdMeld and PubMatic have validated the potential for Real-Time Bidding, demonstrating significant improvements in click-through rates (up to 135% improvement), conversion rates (up to 150% improvement) and effective cost per action (up to 145% improvement) versus non-Real-Time Bidding inventory.

“Real-Time Bidding represents the next evolution of display advertising, and unlocking its true potential requires sophisticated technologies on both sides of the transaction,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of AdMeld.  “Turn is a leader in this space, and our work together is proving the power of Real Time Bidding in delivering superior performance for ad buyers and the premium publishers we serve at AdMeld. We are pleased to align with Turn in driving the adoption of this game-changing technology.”

“Turn is an industry leader that has embraced real-time bidding on behalf of its agency and advertiser clients, and they are achieving outstanding results with PubMatic,” said Rajeev Goel, PubMatic Co-Founder and CEO.  “Turn’s platform can help extract the maximum benefit from inventory that has been bid on in real time, which is great for advertisers, our publishers, and the industry overall.”

About Turn Inc.

Turn is the smart platform for digital advertising. Through its demand-side platform, Turn delivers media buying cost efficiency, exceptional performance, targeted audience reach and powerful insights to global agencies and premium advertisers.  Turn combines predictive targeting, custom behavioral modeling, and deep analytics to power the exchange trading desks and private networks of leading global agencies as well as the Turn Network.  Turn is a leader in digital advertising, serving targeted advertising to over 150 million domestic unique users. The company is based in Silicon Valley with locations in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Charlotte. For more information, visit http://www.turn.com.

About AdMeld

AdMeld (www.admeld.com) helps the world’s premium online publishers maximize revenue from ad networks and exchanges, reduce operating costs and protect their brands from unwanted ads.  AdMeld’s real time optimization technology generates the highest possible yield from each ad impression, and its suite of tools and services enhance publishers’ understanding and control of their discretionary ad inventories.  Current AdMeld customers include IAC, Discovery Communications, Pandora, FOX News, World Wrestling Entertainment and more than 85 others worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and London.

About PubMatic

PubMatic (www.PubMatic.com) is a global Ad Revenue Optimization company that provides premium online publishers with a full service solution to manage and monetize non-guaranteed ad inventory. PubMatic’s real-time Ad Price PredictionTM technology ensures that premium publishers get the most money from their advertising space by deciding in real-time which ad network or exchange can best monetize each impression.