Adblade Reveals 5 Deadly Sins Committed by Online Advertisers

Real Life Lessons in Maximizing Advertising ROI Online

SOMERVILLE, N.J. – Adblade, the web’s largest premium only advertising platform, serving ads on over 1000 premium portals, released a list of 5 common but deadly mistakes committed by online advertisers. The results were compiled over the last 12 months by speaking with advertisers and by reviewing hundreds of campaigns placed on the Adblade Premium Publisher Network.

Failure to change or rotate ad creative – All online advertising creative experiences user fatigue over time. Campaigns which run out of steam quickly are those that fail to change or rotate their ad creative. This includes changing images, headlines, descriptions and landing pages. The most sophisticated advertisers are constantly testing and rotating in new creative.

Too ambitious with design or creative – Engagement and click through rates for standard IAB Units continue to fall, yet many advertisers fail to think critically about what will generate the most engagement by users, even after time and money is poured into their designs and concepts. You may have a nice logo and a stunningly attractive ad but will your target audience notice and what reason will they have to click?

Using Long Tail Sites and Ad Networks – Ad Networks that serve long tail publishers have a much higher incidence of click and impression fraud resulting in lower ROI for advertisers. Is a $.40 CPM really a bargain when half of the impressions and 95% of clicks are fraudulent? Sticking with premium distribution will not only increase your brand value but will also deliver increased ROI.

Unable to get over the learning curve – Many advertisers have grand plans to scale their business using digital media but are disappointed with their first attempts. It takes patience and time to optimize successful online campaigns, from finding the best creative and placements to optimizing landing pages, user experiences and offers. Advertisers too often give up before they have found their secret formula.

HTML/Browser warnings – Landing pages look different in every browser type. Certain browsers also display warnings based on the HTML of the website. Internet Explorer for example asks users to decide if they would like to see web pages which contain both secure and non-secure information before the page loads. Make sure your landing pages don’t cause warnings which interrupt and inhibit the conversion process. Any warnings or errors will have a dramatic negative effect on campaign performance.

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