deviantART Expands Self-Serve Advertising with adPro Powered by Shiny Ads

Shiny Ads powers deviantART’s new adPro self-serve advertising offering for small businesses looking to advertise directly to deviantART’s artist community

deviantART launched the next phase of its self-serve advertising strategy with a service entitled adPro. adPro allows professionals and comercial organizations to directly advertise on deviantART and reach the web’s largest creative community.

adPro is powered by the latest version of Shiny Ads self-serve advertising platform. It allows the advertiser to create a display ad using easy-to-use tools including banner templates, target the campaign by country, pay via a wide array of options and then track the performance of their campaign.

Since the entire ordering process is automated, including the ad insertion into deviantART’s OpenX ad server, transaction expenses are significantly reduced. This allows deviantART to lower its price point to attract small and local businesses that would traditionally not be able to afford such a campaign and would spend their small ad budget elsewhere such as ad networks.

“We’re excited by the launch of AdPro, powered by Shiny Ads,” said Ernie Riemer, VP of Advertising, “The platform Shiny Ads provides allows us an efficient and customizable way to offer a great product to the large number of small businesses looking to advertise on deviantART.”