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New Game-Changing ChargeAds® Platform Automates the Sale of Display Advertising

New Game-Changing ChargeAds® Platform Automates the Sale of Display Advertising

Self-serve, programmatic-direct platform enables publishers to create private marketplaces for their premium inventory, greatly reducing overhead of selling display inventory

New York, NY – ChargeAds, a provider of intelligent solutions for publishers, advertisers and agencies within the online advertising and marketing world, today announced the availability of its groundbreaking, fully-automated Private Marketplace platform. The new platform enables publishers to create private or public storefronts that automate the sale of display. With industry-leading sales controls, ChargeAds helps publishers expand their pool of premium advertisers, while gaining an unprecedented level of efficiency and peace of mind.

ChargeAds helps online publishers thrive in the digital publishing ecosystem by providing a turnkey solution for matching the right premium advertisers with their valued audiences.  Publishers can work with selected number of advertisers at a guaranteed CPM and volume, without adding operational overhead or costs.

This usability is key, says Mihai Fanache, Founder and CEO of ChargeAds. “Display advertising is a notoriously inefficient process. Overhead eats up on average 28 percent of display advertising budgets – as opposed to only two percent for TV advertisers. Our industry is expected to reach $113 billion this year, which means those overhead expenses represent a significant amount of money,” he says. “But with the streamlined nature of the ChargeAds platform, publishers and advertisers can overcome the creative bottlenecks, booking delays and technical confusion that typically plague display advertising transactions. As a result, we’re able to lower costs and fuel more transactions on both sides of the publisher-advertiser relationship.”

With the ChargeAds Private Marketplace platform, publishers create a virtual storefront that sits on top of their existing ad platform or RTB stream. Publishers have a suite of tools to establish their own terms, rates and conditions, allowing them to retain maximum control. Advertisers, meanwhile, are able to search the ChargeAds marketplace to find those publishers that meet their own criteria. Advertisers can upload their own ads or take advantage of an integrated, user-friendly Display Ad Builder that offers hundreds of customizable templates, allowing them to create professional ads within minutes. Once the ad has been created and payment is confirmed, the publisher can approve the account and execute the campaign with a single click. To round off the experience, both publishers and advertisers benefit from a radically simplified dashboard that brings much-needed clarity and transparency to campaign management.

Some in the industry call this type of private marketplace a “walled garden.” But Fanache prefers to call it a game changing approach on digital ad sales that needs to become a priority for most publishing businesses. “We’ve built a smart, secure and exceptionally efficient space that makes it easier than ever before for publishers and advertisers to connect. We’ve been looking at different industries – and there’s a fantastic resemblance with the airline industry where inventory cannot be stored and put up to sale at more convenient times.  And reality is – I can book myself a trip to London at any time – day or night now.  But can’t exactly do the same with an ad campaign on the New York Times.” he says. “And we’ve done this with cutting-edge technology that is hand built, by humans, for humans. This platform represents the skills, insights and vision of our amazing ChargeAds team, who each possess many years of experience in campaign execution, display ad creation, online sales and customer support.”
Fanache sums it up simply: “The benefits are clear. We help businesses in the display advertising industry sell more, faster, at lower operational costs.”

To learn more about the ChargeAds platform, visit www.chargeads.com or call 1-646-344-4198.

About ChargeAds
ChargeAds creates intelligent, efficient solutions for publishers, advertisers and agencies within the online advertising and marketing world. The flagship ChargeAds platform delivers an innovative, hosted, self-service display advertising process that helps clients get the most out of their online investments and profit-growing opportunities. ChargeAds currently serves publishers and advertisers in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Clients include companies like Yahoo, Omnicom Media Group or SKY News. Learn more at www.chargeads.com.