eSpot Ad Network Suspended from IASH

IASH – the Internet Advertising Sales House council – confirmed that eSpot has been suspended from IASH membership.

All IASH members are bound by the IASH code 9.2 to submit an audit every 6 months, and failure to doing so results in suspension of their IASH membership.

eSpot appears to have failed to submit an audit covering the July – December 2009 and has consequently been suspended. Even thought there is communication from IASH with regard to eSpot’s membership – which could be reinstated if they complete and pass the audit, then apply to be re-admitted into IASH – eSpot chose to not discuss the matter at all.

Currently, eSpot’s web site makes no note of their changes in IASH membership status, and their blog has not been updated since May 8, 2009. eSpot’s apathy and hands-off approach to updating their publishers and advertisers is probably a good indication of where they’re heading to: off the grid.

If IASH membership is something you’re following, here’s the current list of members:

* 24/7 Real Media UK
* ad pepper media (UK) Ltd
* Adconion UK Ltd
* Addvantage Media
* Adify
* Clickbrokers
* Consilium Media Ltd
* Crimtan
* Digitize New Media Ltd – Adsure Network
* DotFox Networks Ltd
* Eyeconomy Performance Network
* Glam Media Limited
* GMW Media Ltd
* Jemm Media Ltd
* Media Initiatives Group
* Microsoft Media Network (UK)
* Oridian UK Ltd
* Specific Media UK
* Unanimis Consulting Ltd
* TD Campaigns Premium Network
* ValueClick Media UK
* Vibrant Media UK
* Yahoo! DR

About IASH
IASH exists to encourage best practice among online advertising sales houses through the adoption of an effective code of conduct. IASH also exists to promote the real benefits of the online advertising network business model.

IASH members wish to ensure that display ads placed via their networks do not appear on websites which could jeopardize advertisers’ brands. This Code provides a formal framework for best practice for IASH Members to follow when dealing with advertisers, agencies, networks and site owners. The purpose of the Code is to give those buying, selling or broking internet advertising space a clear understanding of the types of inventory which can and cannot be used when fulfilling an ad insertion order.

The ABC Electronic audit checks a representative sample of publisher terms and conditions, site vetting and inventory delivery according to the permissions set by advertiser insertion orders.