LONDON (March 26, 2008)–TACODA prides itself on being a network which guarantees only premium inventory, of impeccable quality. Publishers can rest assured that, upon joining our network, they become part of a well respected and high-quality network, whilst advertisers can be safe in the knowledge that their campaigns will appear only on sites of excellent quality which, due to the transparent nature of the network, can be viewed prior to committing any spend.

We at TACODA UK recently underwent our first IASH audit in December; an audit that we can now announce was successfully passed. TACODA succeeded with 100% pass mark for each area and are now official IASH members with 100% compliance. We hope that this news will serve to re-affirm to all publishers and advertisers that the TACODA network is an excellent network to be a part of, and we look forward to working successfully with all of our members and advertisers in the future.

About IASH
IASH exists to encourage best practice among online advertising sales houses through the adoption of an effective code of conduct. IASH also exists to promote the real benefits of the online advertising network business model.

IASH members wish to ensure that display ads placed via their networks do not appear on websites which could jeopardize advertisers’ brands. This Code provides a formal framework for best practice for IASH Members to follow when dealing with advertisers, agencies, networks and site owners. The purpose of the Code is to give those buying, selling or broking internet advertising space a clear understanding of the types of inventory which can and cannot be used when fulfilling an ad insertion order.