Anchor Intelligence Launches ClearMark for Keywords to Optimize Bids

eBay Among Anchor’s First Customers to Improve Keyword Bidding Strategy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Anchor Intelligence, the leading traffic quality solutions provider, announced that it is launching ClearMark for Keywords, a predictive, keyword bid optimization system, at Search Insider Summit in Florida. ClearMark for Keywords is the first and only system that predicts the value of each keyword in an advertiser’s portfolio, even in the absence of conversion data. Moreover, Anchor announced that eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, has agreed to use ClearMark for Keywords to optimize its keyword bidding strategies and enhance the ROI of its search campaigns.

ClearMark for Keywords, Anchor’s predictive keyword scoring system, leverages traffic quality data within the Anchor network to provide advertisers with optimal bids per keyword. Unlike any other bid optimization system, Anchor’s ClearMark for Keywords enhances bid management by leveraging data that have historically been unavailable to search marketers. As the leading traffic quality solutions provider, Anchor Intelligence collects conversion information and best-of-breed network security intelligence from across the web to measure traffic quality and its impact on keyword performance. For example, by using information about what users did prior to clicking on an ad, Anchor’s ClearMark for Keywords predicts the likelihood that those same users will convert on an advertiser’s site. It then issues optimal bids that can be uploaded directly to search engines and 3rd party bid management companies, enabling search engine marketers to reallocate their ad spend and improve the performance of their SEM campaigns.

ClearMark for Keywords outperforms traditional optimization strategies that are based primarily on historical conversion data by providing advertisers with a proactive, predictive response to external factors that have a significant impact on the performance of each keyword. And unlike any other keyword bid management system, ClearMark brings to bear a tremendous amount of network data otherwise unavailable to advertisers to generate optimal keyword bids.

As a result of its unique traffic quality perspective, ClearMark for Keywords benefits not only belly and tail keywords that do not have enough conversion data to drive sound decisions, but also competitive head keywords, for which small percentage increases in lift yield large gains in revenue.

Recently, eBay completed a trial using ClearMark for Keywords across its U.S. based keywords campaigns and was encouraged by the results. After measuring the performance outcome from that test, eBay will continue to utilize ClearMark for Keywords. In the past 5 years, eBay has developed a world-class SEM platform built on strong technology and data analytics, and will continue to assess the insights derived from the Anchor network with this platform. Using Anchor Intelligence, eBay expects to acquire even more quality users with an increased likelihood to purchase on eBay.

“We are encouraged by the results of combining Anchor Intelligence’s unique data footprint and analytics with our own SEM platform. We look forward to a continued collaboration to drive ROI for eBay’s ad campaigns,” said Matt Ackley, Vice President of Advertising and Internet Marketing at eBay.

“Anchor Intelligence enables advertisers to achieve world-class performance from their keyword spend by leveraging our unique data assets and predictive analytics,” said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. “We are confident that ClearMark for Keywords will fundamentally change the way online advertisers manage their SEM ad spend going forward.”

About Anchor Intelligence:

Anchor Intelligence Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, CA, provides ad networks, search engines, and advertisers from around the globe with rigorous, cutting-edge solutions to maximize advertiser ROI. With its diverse portfolio of data and predictive analytics derived from across the web, Anchor’s award-winning ClearMark suite enables industry players to improve the performance of advertising spend online by predicting click and keyword performance. For more information, visit: Follow us on Twitter: