LucidMedia Launches Pioneering Self-Service Online Advertising Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for Agencies and Advertisers

RESTON, Va. – LucidMedia, a leading online advertising demand-side platform (DSP) with integrated real-time bidding (RTB), announced the launch of a self-service version of its powerful DSP ( to enable agencies and advertisers to more efficiently and profitably manage their online advertising campaigns. Originally offered as a managed service only, the self-service DSP empowers agency media planners and in-house staff to securely take full control over their campaigns’ targeting and optimization programs by deploying the DSP as an in-house, white labeled solution with a proprietary base of more than 14,000 targeted categories, page-level transparency, and multiple layers of filtering to protect branded advertisers from inappropriate content.

LucidMedia developed its self-service DSP to improve efficiency and profitability by eliminating many of the cost structures and layers traditionally associated with online ad network buys while improving the levels of targeting, transparency and control available. It provides agencies and advertisers with the ability to easily audit the networks and exchanges on their media plans, efficiently acquire page-level contextually and demographically targeted inventory, ensure brand safety across all sources and, most importantly, enforce a universal frequency cap.

The self-service DSP provides:

Real-time Assessment (RTA): LucidMedia’s RTA provides immediate insights into real-time bidding availability involving traffic from the Internet’s leading traffic sources, covering up to 95% reach potential in the US. RTA at scale also provides branded advertisers with true preemptive brand safety and campaign optimization at the impression-level;
Real-time bid (RTB) inventory availability: Agencies and advertisers can get real-time insights by channel and by demographics, delivering the most flexible optimization available. LucidMedia’s optimization engine can evaluate thousands of campaign facets in real-time, project performance trends, and govern campaign targeting based on advertiser goals;
Dynamic inventory allocation: Inventory from all real-time bid sources, as well as spot buys, is automatically allocated to campaigns, enabling more efficient ad operations teams and higher returns;
Page-level semantic transparency: Provides deep insights into what drives the desired campaign outcomes and maximum campaign performance;
Proprietary content and audience targeting technologies: A universal frequency cap (UFC) and server-side database provide maximum control and leverage LucidMedia’s patented and proprietary content targeting and recently released audience targeting technologies;
Training: To support its self-service offering, LucidMedia offers direct training at no cost;
Custom data integrations: Integrations with all third-party data providers, as well as the ability to include advertiser-specific data, allows advertisers to easily reach the right audiences at the right time with their messages.
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“We developed LucidMedia’s self-service DSP based on the direct experience we’ve had in deploying our managed DSP service for hundreds of brand advertisers throughout the past 18 months, with continued focus on the ideals of a buy-side network paradigm that is more nimble, economical and in-touch with advertiser goals,” said Ajay Sravanapudi, Founder and CEO of LucidMedia Networks, Inc. “As industry-wide preference for agency-administered ad-buying and ad-trafficking platforms continues to grow, control is moving closer to the advertiser, intermediation is being reduced and prices are arriving at a true market-driven equilibrium. With an offering like our self-service DSP, advertisers can have more control over targeting, performance and safety.”

LucidMedia’s self-service DSP with integrated RTB gives agencies pre-impression filtering, post-impression auditing, and allows agencies to select the most effective impressions in real-time and then feed their campaigns with an optimization engine that automatically maximizes return on spend.

About LucidMedia

LucidMedia Networks, Inc. ( is a demand-side online display advertising management and targeting platform that delivers optimized, direct response and brand advertising campaigns to interactive agencies. LucidMedia DSP™ with ClickSense® page-level analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as a managed service to interactive agencies and their brand advertisers. LucidMedia DSP employs an easy-to-use and secure agency interface to deliver proprietary campaign optimization, consolidated buying across the Internet’s largest repositories, unique insight into real-time inventory availability, universal frequency capping, and reach into 95% of the online population. Founded in 1999, LucidMedia processes 25 billion ad impressions every month for hundreds of major brand advertisers.