[x+1] Enhances Online Targeting Platform to allow Marketers and Agencies Integrated Campaign Optimization of Exchange, Non-Exchange Display Media

Intuitive user interface enables simplified management of optimization, reporting, tracking of performance indicators and user permissions through a customizable dashboard view

NEW YORK – [x+1], the online targeting platform leader, announced major upgrades to its leading demand-side platform (DSP). Campaign performance metrics, reporting and analytics are now consolidated across inventory sources into a single dashboard view, and optimization and context-management tools are available through an intuitive user interface (UI). The new version of the [x+1] platform will be available June 15.

This enhanced version of the [x+1] platform will allow marketers and agencies to take advantage of dynamic price optimization on digital media buys across real-time bidding (RTB) media sources, via [x+1]’s patented Predictive Optimization Engine™ (POE) – now easily accessible via the user-friendly UI.

Reporting and analytics are also made more powerful yet accessible in the new platform. Now instead of having to manage campaign data from various purchase sources – exchange-based, non-exchange-based, RTB, non-RTB – in separate spreadsheets, a campaign manager can access all the data through the [x+1] UI, gaining a single, simplified and consolidated view of all digital media campaign activity.

“With our new platform release, [x+1] continues to break new ground as we enable marketers and agencies to make their digital media campaigns even more effective, while greatly simplifying and streamlining the process,” said [x+1] Chairman and CEO John Nardone. “Now all the tools needed to drive real-time, exchange-based campaign performance gains in combination with non-RTB media are accessible in a single dashboard that is as efficient as it is powerful.”

Through other benefits of the new [x+1] platform, marketers and agencies can:

Set up and track performance indicators – through the configurable dashboard, users can establish key performance indicators, with alerts and mini-charts to help them continuously track metrics and ensure peak campaign performance.
Establish user-level permissions – control who can see and act on campaign data and metrics, with the flexibility to give some full edit and write access while others may have read-only authorization – a critical capability in a large organization.
Maintain “adjacency control” over brand messaging through the UI – easily configure domain inclusion and exclusion rules to control which sites a company’s ads will or will not appear.
Obtain new and enhanced end user training and support – integrated Wiki-based help and live help desk support are both available.

To learn more about how the new [x+1] platform is setting the standard in digital marketing campaign performance, click here: http://bit.ly/XplusOnePlatform.

About [x+1]

[x+1], the online targeting platform leader, provides the power of relevant communications by maximizing the return on marketing investment (ROI) of websites and digital media using its patented targeting technology. Providing the first end-to-end digital solution for advertisers and agencies, it optimizes engagement rates and lift conversion in both media and on websites. Its predictive marketing solutions enable automated, real-time decision making and personalization so the right advertisement and content is delivered to the right person at the right time at the right price. Top companies in financial services, telecommunications, online services and travel have significantly increased the performance of their digital marketing using the solutions and services of [x+1]. The company is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit www.xplusone.com. You can follow [x+1] on Twitter @xplusone.