New Version of POE from [x+1] Provides Impression-by-Impression Bidding on Exchange, Non-Exchange Ad Inventory Through Intuitive UI

Marketers, agencies gain greater flexibility and control over digital media campaigns and unmatched performance at scale

NEW YORK – [x+1], the online targeting platform leader, announced significant improvements to its patented Predictive Optimization Engine™ (POE) that will allow agencies and marketers to automatically optimize online ad impression bids in both real-time bidding (RTB) and non-RTB environments, all through an intuitive user interface (UI) on the [x+1] platform. This capability will be available June 15 with the launch of [x+1]’s upgraded platform.

The new version of POE has been re-engineered by [x+1] from the ground up to maximize ad performance and optimization in RTB environments, such as major ad exchanges like Google and AdECN and publisher optimizers like Pubmatic and AdMeld. Using both contextual and audience data, it determines in real time the optimal price to bid for each impression and does this at massive scale, eliminating any pricing inefficiencies.

Providing complete visibility into the bidding process, a campaign manager can automatically see what POE is doing and adjust the marketing strategy accordingly. For example, POE has a pre-targeting function that selects audience profiles in advance, accelerating the time to positive ROI for most campaigns. Plus, a manager can combine RTB-based bidding with customized insertion orders for traditional buys, while also controlling for placement context and media sources.

At the same time, marketers and agencies gain greater control and flexibility over campaigns with the ability to use both POE’s powerful predictive algorithms and in-house business rules and logic. This allows them to identify the most likely-to-buy audience segments and deliver against them to boost campaign performance and ROI.

“We’re excited about this greatly enhanced version of POE and how its powerful tools and capabilities can be easily accessed by non-technical users,” said Leon Zemel, Executive Vice President of Optimization for [x+1]. “Because we have pioneered the application of algorithmic-based optimization for digital media, and we continually refine the core POE technology ourselves, we’re able to rapidly add new features and RTB sources as they come online. This gives our Fortune 500 clients a future-proofed, top-of-the-line system with the speed, flexibility and ease of integration needed to cost-effectively ramp up their marketing performance now and down the road.”

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