AdGenesis Digital Launches Multiple Media Real-Time Video Advertising Platform

Customers Are Instantly Matched With Brands and Rewards; White Label Platform Will Enable “Me-Commerce” on Mobile Devices

NEW YORK – AdGenesis Digital LLC, building on the success of Beezag, its sister company and first private label partner, launched a new video advertising platform where customers exchange buying information for relevant ads and rewards. AdGenesis functions across multiple media including mobile, online and eventually ITV.

“For advertisers, AdGenesis is the merging of branding and direct response delivering the audiences most likely to buy, guaranteeing each and every view and producing engagement and conversion rates no other platform achieves. It’s true ROI. For consumers, AdGenesis creates an experience where they want to watch branded content and entertaining ads instead of skipping or blocking irrelevant marketing messages,” says Richard Smullen Co-Founder and CEO.

The game changing, white label platform rewards consumers – with savings, offers, or other incentives from marketers – for providing information about their buying habits & brand preferences and watching video ads relevant to their lifestyle preferences that drive their buying decisions. Unlike other ad systems that try to deduce user information based on behavior or demographic projections, AdGenesis members voluntarily provide information about their brand behavior and buying habits in exchange for rewards and for future videos highly relevant to their declared interests. In the AdGenesis process, users are exposed to branding ads, but also have an opportunity to make immediate purchases.

“At Medialink, we see scores of interesting online businesses, however,  AdGenisis is one with so much promise, I became an investor,” says Michael Kassan Chairman & CEO, MediaLink, LLC, which works with major brands and media companies at a strategic level. “At scale AdGenesis will deliver a depth of consumer insights than cannot be replicated through any other mobile and online advertising platform. Members are asked questions that place them in discrete niche audience segments most likely to buy what brands are selling.  The value increases as the niche gets larger yet more focused through more data and especially as AdGenesis expands to other mass platforms including IPTV and digital TV.”

“We deliver video content that is precisely targeted to the interests of our user base,” says Laurent Alhadeff, AdGenesis Digital’s Co-Founder and President. “Our extraordinary click-though rate of over 25 percent for advertiser offers, is proof that we deliver exceptional value in exchange for the consumer data that no one else is gathering. We call it ‘me-commerce’  because the entire process is consumer centric. We ask them what they want or need, then deliver relevant content about brands, specials and services they may not have even known about that match their interests.”

AdGenesis Digital has been collecting brand-centric member-provided data through Beezag since October 2009, when it launched in beta. From more than 10,000 beta users, Beezag has secured over 200,000 opt-in data points which are made available in the aggregate to its advertisers to inform, alter or improve their marketing messages.

The AdGenesis platform can run on any website or mobile device allowing its membership multiple access points across the web and mobile ecosystem and enabling publishers to monetize users in a unique ad environment. Through a seamless integration process, mobile sites and web communities can now offer me-commerce to their user bases.  This service creates entry points where consumers join and with each visit are asked (in a conversational manner) questions about their buying habits and overall consumer behavior. It will scale through the mobile interfaces of major distribution partners such as PriceGrabber, Stylequest and Home Shopping Network (HSN).

In response to member-provided information, the AdGenesis engine matches brands to consumers and notifies the consumer via SMS or e-mail that a rewarding and relevant video ad is there to be viewed. Consumers can save and share offers as well as view other advertiser messages of relevance knowing each view will deliver a new, attractive promotion.

Publishers can participate in AdGenesis by either placing Beezag on their sites, taking a significant revenue share for each new member, or by private-labeling the AdGenesis engine as their own video rewards program using their own savings and rewards as the consumer incentive.

Through use of a patent-pending technology that confirms user views, brands only pay for ads to which the user actually paid attention, ushering in a new performance metric: CPV—cost per view. Advertisers pay different rates for different levels of targeting, from basic ZIP codes to more in-depth demographic and behavioral data.

“Agencies, who are becoming more and more accountable for performance and ROI, are turning to Beezag and AdGenesis powered sites as a very effective and somewhat risk free alternative to pre-roll video and even television commercials,” says Mr. Smullen.
Since inception, AdGenesis Digital and Beezag has raised over $4 million from  a group of angel investors who sit on the company’s Executive Board including: Mr. Kassan; Gerry Byrne, Former Publisher of Variety and SVP of Media and Entertainment at Nielsen; Clifford Gundle, Founder, Knightsbridge Information Services and a member of the Dean’s Council of Harvard; Robert Friedman President, Radical Media Global Media and Entertainment; Rick Sirvaitis, Former President and Chief Operating Officer, GM MediaWorks; Wenda Harris Millard, President and COO of MediaLink, LLC; and Antoine Spillman, Board Director and member of the Audit and Risk Management Board committees of ArcelorMittal.

AdGenesis Digital LLC ( developed and deploys a next generation consumer rewarded marketing and advertising experience, “me-commerce.”  Its platform enables advertisers to send their video ads directly to members, who trade consumer insights, watch advertisements and receive rewards on web sites, mobile devices, social media, and interactive televisions. A sister company,, is an Internet and mobile program that perfected the targeted consumer reward concept. The New York-based company was founded in 2009 by successful advertising and media entrepreneurs, Richard Smullen and Laurent Alhadeff.