LucidMedia Partners with AlmondNet, BlueKai, and eXelate to Expand Online Advertising Data and Targeting Capabilities of Demand-Side Platform

RESTON, Va. – As part of its effort to provide advertisers with the most comprehensive audience targeting capabilities available, LucidMedia (, a leading online advertising demand-side platform (DSP), announced that it will integrate a rich base of data from three market leaders into its DSP. These include: behavioral targeting pioneer AlmondNet, the leading aggregator of data and provider of enabling technology for audience targeting; BlueKai, creators of the world’s largest data auction marketplace and online marketing’s largest source of high performance intent data that connects advertisers with unparalleled in-market audiences online; and eXelate, the world’s first open marketplace for targeting data and the leader in data management solutions for publishers.

LucidMedia will add to its DSP’s patented contextual targeting technologies for advertisers and agencies with the following core data and components from all three providers:

AlmondNet’s Keyword and Segment-Based data: Powered by proprietary and patented Post-Search technology, AlmondNet aggregates and categorizes keyword and segment-based data on 100+ million users from thousands of data-providing sites to enable scalable delivery of targeted online advertisements by data-using ad networks, ad exchanges, demand-side platforms and their marketers.

The world’s largest supply of in-market data from BlueKai: LucidMedia advertisers will have access to the BlueKai Exchange, the largest source of high performance intent data on more than 160 million unique in-market travel, retail, finance and auto shoppers across the Internet. With fair market-driven pricing at its core, the BlueKai Exchange offers more than 30,000 data attributes across in-market, demo, geo, psycho and occupational categories, access to numerous “branded” data providers and proprietary analytics reports designed to further increase performance and scale for direct response and branding campaigns.

eXelate’s pool of deep targeting data which spans the entire purchasing funnel from awareness creation to conversion. eXelate data includes registration-based demographic, detailed consumer interest and in-market purchase intent data on over 150M U.S. unique users in lucrative verticals including Business-to-Business, Auto, Travel, Finance and Shopping. Derived from premium data sources, both transparent and aggregated, eXelate data integration into the LucidMedia platform will enable flexible “usage-based” pricing with no “pay-per-pixel” commitment risk.

“LucidMedia’s advertisers will now have access to our high-performing pre-packaged and custom keyword-driven segments of targeting data, allowing them to more accurately target their specific audiences in real-time as well as receive feedback on ad performance,” said Michael Benedek, president of AlmondNet’s Online Data Division.

“BlueKai provides access to the largest source of intent data at unmatched scale,” said Omar Tawakol, BlueKai CEO. “With exclusive access to some of the highest quality data in the industry, we focus on enabling advertisers to achieve superior return-on-investment by targeting consumers in virtually any segment, from broad awareness campaigns to highly granular in-market categories. We look forward to working even more deeply with LucidMedia to bring BlueKai’s industry-leading technology to bear and creating the most streamlined and efficient data buying process in the market.”

“eXelate’s integration into the Lucid Media platform will enable seamless, cost effective access to a broad pool of targeting data that will deliver bottom line ROI enhancement for advertisers,” said Meir Zohar, eXelate CEO. “Whether a demo-focused branding campaign or a conversion driven direct-response effort, eXelate data can support the demands of Lucid Media’s growing client base.”

“These partnerships with three recognized data pioneers support our strategy of providing advertisers with the most effective DSP offerings available,” said Ajay Sravanapudi, LucidMedia Founder and CEO. “As we continue to expand the LucidMedia DSP, we believe that offering our growing base of direct advertisers and agencies a singular access point to resources from these three market leaders will be invaluable, especially when integrated with our own deep base of patented contextualization and targeting technologies.”

About AlmondNet:

Founded in 1998, AlmondNet ( is a leading aggregator and distributor of data and a licensor of intellectual property and enabling technology for the delivery of targeted ads. AlmondNet’s data and proprietary technology enable the delivery of ads to computer users based on their observed online behavior wherever they may be found, in a privacy sensitive manner. AlmondNet is a board member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

About BlueKai:

BlueKai ( is at the center of the digital data economy and the largest data auction marketplace for all audience data. With quality and fair market pricing at its core, BlueKai attracts and aggregates intent data from top tier providers to reveal valuable in-market shoppers across key verticals. As a result, the BlueKai Exchange is the largest source of high performance intent data revealing over 160M unique consumers who are ready to buy. The BlueKai Exchange offers over 30,000 data attributes across in-market, demo, geo, psycho and occupational categories to increase performance and scale for direct response and branding campaigns.

BlueKai created the first online data marketplace designed with consumer transparency and control in mind. The BlueKai Registry enables consumers to see what marketers know about them, edit their online preferences and gain rewards in charitable donations. The privately held company is based in Bellevue, WA, and is a recipient of the AlwaysOn 2009 OnMedia 100 award as a Technology Innovator in Advertising.

About eXelate:

The eXelate eXchange is the world’s first open marketplace for behavioral targeting data and the leader in data management solutions for publishers. Through participation on the eXchange and access to proprietary data management tools such as eXelate’s teXi, data buyers build an instant behavioral targeting function and optimize their campaign delivery, while data sellers gain direct control over their audience data distribution and build a new privacy–friendly income stream. The eXchange includes over 40 top ad network, agency and demand-side platform buyers and dozens of leading publishers, who deliver targeting data on 150M U.S. unique users in lucrative verticals including Business-to-Business, Auto, Travel, Finance, Shopping and registration-based Demographics. For more information please visit

About LucidMedia

LucidMedia Networks, Inc. ( is a demand-side online display advertising management and targeting platform that delivers optimized, direct response and brand advertising campaigns to interactive agencies. LucidMedia DSP™ with ClickSense® page-level analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as both a self-service and managed service to interactive agencies and their brand advertisers. The LucidMedia DSP employs an easy-to-use and secure agency interface to deliver proprietary campaign optimization, consolidated buying across the Internet’s largest repositories, unique insight into real-time inventory availability, universal frequency capping, and reach into 95% of the online population. Founded in 1999, LucidMedia processes 25 billion ad impressions every month for hundreds of major brand advertisers.