FOX Sports Interactive Media Expands Deployment of Search and Publishing Solutions with RAMP

FOX Sports Interactive Media adds RAMP’s Content Optimization solutions across three FOX Sports Interactive Media destination sites

WOBURN, Mass. – RAMP, the industry’s leading Content Optimization platform for major online media publishers, announced that existing customer, FOX Sports Interactive Media (FSIM), has chosen to expand the search and publishing solutions provided by RAMP to three Web properties including, and the websites of the FOX Soccer Channel and FOX Sports En Espanol. FOX Sports Net plans to launch the RAMP search and publishing solutions on their Regional sports sites later this year.

As a result of this expanded agreement, the FSIM web sites will integrate the enhanced user experiences that RAMP’s Content Optimization delivers, including improved search engine discovery, dynamic topic pages adapted to users’ search and browsing behavior, and granular transcript based navigation within audio and video files. All such usability is provided within RAMP’s universal publishing approach with audio, video, text and images integrated towards a complete end-user experience.

“Competing on the Web today requires that content be searched and discovered easily across the major search engines and social networks, and also on publisher and partner sites,” said Matt Calos, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer for FSIM. “RAMP’s Content Optimization solutions have enabled us to address these challenges at scale, allowing us to focus on creating great content and improving the overall experience for our users.”

With RAMP’s award-winning platform, FSIM is able to deliver search and engagement experiences across all types of content – audio, video, images and text, including:

– Comprehensive site search, including access to 100% of the text, image, audio, and video content across the sites, indexed in real time as new content is published;
– Time stamped video search, allowing users to locate and “jump-to” the precise point in videos where relevant search terms are mentioned;
– Universal topic index pages, allowing users to follow topics of interest such as teams, players, tournaments and more;
– Automated cross-site linking, promoting topics to users contextually within articles, as well as maximizing search engine optimization efforts.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with FOX Sports Interactive Media,” said Tom Wilde, RAMP CEO. “Sports is a highly competitive vertical on the Web, and RAMP enables FOX Sports Interactive Media to deliver the best possible user experience and ensure its high quality content can be easily found and consumed.”

About RAMP

RAMP is an advanced Content Optimization SaaS platform providing publishers’ workflow, discovery and engagement solutions to drive monetization of online content to users’ search and browsing behavior. RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content, including text, audio, video and images, within dynamic publishing environments. As a result, publishers’ content becomes positioned for discovery and precise targeting, both on search engines and within publishers’ own websites. RAMP maximizes the value of publishers’ content while reducing costs.

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